Importance of Pre-Training

How to get Maximum Benefits from the NLP Certification Course?

Many people also ask, how would you cover all these major domains of psychology in just 6 Days Workshop? Their question is absolutely valid.

NLP has been developing for the last 30 years. At today's date, the domain of NLP has grown so big that you really have to work hard to learn NLP. In initial days, when NLP courses, NLP workshops were conducted, they used to continue for 12 to 15 Days, because that much time is actually required for the complete understanding NLP's basic concepts and mastering them. But this time gradually decreased and at Today's date, NLP Practitioner Course duration varies from 5 to 6 days. This is the reason, due to which, there are so many NLP Practitioners with NLP Practitioner Certificates to show, but real mastery is a rarely seen. To Tackle this problem, especially at IBHNLP, we have designed a very innovative & self-explanatory, self-study material based Preparatory Course. This Basic course is one of its kind. All the theoretical & conceptual part of NLP, Hypnosis & Life Coaching would be covered through this course. It would take you approximately one, one & half month to cover everything from the Preparatory stuff. In this way, all the ground-work necessary to understand the actual course proceedings would be covered in advance. That’s why it is advised to book your seat for the upcoming NLP Practitioner Training well in advance so that you would get enough time to go through all the Preparatory stuff.

The main feature of the Preparatory Course is the book written by Master Trainer Sandip Shirsat, the Founder & CEO of IBHNLP. You would get a FREE copy of the book ‘NLP – The Journey of Inner World’, available in English as well as in Hindi. This is the must-read book for the one, who wishes to learn NLP as a skill for personal & professional transformation. This book explains the major concepts of NLP with Live examples, case studies & mind-training activities + online personal assistance to help you build your NLP Mindset. 90% NLP Training Courses fail just because the participants are not prepared enough to dive deep into the NLP processes.

Click here to read some extracts from the Pre-training book.

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