NLP based Leadership Development Program

Empowering the Pillars of Government in Rural Parts of India!

Under 'Corporate Social Responsibility' of The Indian Board of Hypnosis & Neuro-Linguistic Programming (IBHNLP), we recently conducted 'NLP based Leadership Development Programme' for Maharashtra State Government's Gramsevaks (State Government’s Representative in a Village) at Palaghar, Maharashtra on Non-Profit Basis.


Following is an outline of ‘NLP based Leadership Development Programme’

Our Motto is to create a strong Leadership in Rural Parts of India, where the Representatives of State Government in villages can lead their villages for the betterment & prosperity. Leaders are born, but Leadership can be developed.

What Did Participants Learn?

As a result of attending NLP based Leadership Development Programme, participants were enlightened on the following Leadership Abilities:

  • Move out of comfort zones to work with colleagues and villagers, to solve problems & produce results
  • Master various techniques to influence others
  • Develop a Positive Attitude to address workplace challenges
  • Effectively collaborate with various Government Departments and Government Officials to solve the problems of Citizens and accomplish high-quality work faster
  • Develop a Personal Leadership Style & understand personal strengths and weaknesses.

Four Fundamental Leadership Principles taught in the Programme

1. Leadership is Not Position, it’s Behaviour:

Leaders take responsibilities; they make decisions and bring the desired change. Leaders help people around them to know and use their hidden potential. Leaders prove that they are leaders by their Behaviour, Actions and Attitudes. If anyone wants to be a leader, one should behave like a Leader.

2. Lead by Example:

Leaders influence their surrounding by setting up an example. Instead of telling others to do something, they show it by their own example. Remember, your team or people around you are observing and following you each and every moment. Practice what you preach. This is a simple truth that creates an Influence.

3. Leading Means Bringing Change and Making an Impact:

Think about the Best Leaders in history whether they are from politics or from the religious or social movement. What was the one thing they had in common? They all brought positive change and made an impact. Leadership is not merely talking impressively, but it’s about setting a course of action which produces positive change in society.

4. Unity is Strength, Division is Weakness:

‘Unity’ means helping and supporting each Team Member. To produce a result and bring the desired change, a team must have strong family-like bonding. Unity is the key to develop a Powerful Nation.

Five Phases of NLP based Leadership Development Programme

Phase 1. Leading Yourself / Leading Your Own Life

Systematic Development of Four Aspects of Personal Life

1. Body – Taking care of Health

2. Mind – Developing the Positive Mental Attitude

3. Heart – Loving Relationship with People Around

4. Spirit – Contribution in National Development

Phase 2. Leading a Village / Leading a Nation

Systematic Development of Three Aspects of Public Life

1. Leading Family

2. Leading Village

3. Leading Nation

Phase 3. Alignment for Better Result

A job or a task that has above-mentioned Four Qualities produces a Change.

1. You have required talent to finish a job

2. You are passionate about what you do

3. This world needs what you do

4. You are motivated by your conscience

And then magic happens.

You find your own calling and You become a change agent.  

Phase 4. NLP Application

State Management – Controlling & Directing Emotions

Rapport Building – Getting connected with others Effortlessly

Milton Model – Making Message clear and Impressive

Well-Formed Outcome – Clarity is Power. Clearly deciding what kind of result is required to produce

Phase 5. Inculcating Leadership Skills

Self-Hypnosis – Communicating with sub-conscious mind and taking help of it to get mastery over Leadership Skills quickly

Post Training Support – A Complete Skill Development Plan for Next 30 Days



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