NLP Practitioner Training Syllabus


Given below is the syllabus of our NLP Practitioner Certification Course. The participants will also get Free Training & Certification in Direct Hypnosis & Life Coaching.

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NLP Practitioner Syllabus


  • Introducing magical powers & applications of NLP
  • How our mind creates psychological issues
  • Understanding the fundamentals of change work through case studies
  • NLP Matrix
  • Managing ‘states’ instantly
  • Association & dis-association
  • Double disassociation
  • Controlling brain- power
  • Changing images inside our brain
  • Directing internal dialogue
  • Identifying & changing emotions quickly (mastering our emotional patterns)
  • Identifying, changing & aligning thoughts & beliefs
  • VAK model of NLP
  • Physiology & NLP
  • Developing sensory acuity
  • Analyse brain’s information processing style
  • Using the VAK model for effective communication
  • Predicate and process words
  • Representational system for persuasive communication
  • NLP presuppositions or belief of excellence
  • Relating to people smoothly
  • Rapport building
  • Mirroring & matching
  • Pacing & leading
  • Perceptual positions
  • Understanding the system position
  • NLP goal setting formula
  • Neuro logical level alignment
  • Sub-conscious reprogramming or imprinting
  • Aligning yourself with your purpose
  • Building identity that suits your goal
  • Understating values behind your goals
  • Tools and technique for goal conditioning
  • Magic of submodalities
  • Distinctions in submodalities
  • Self-image & submodalities
  • Creating a golden future with submodalities
  • Internal representation, modalities and submodalities
  • Meta model
  • Framing powerful questions
  • Deletion, distortion and generalization
  • Morning power questions
  • Reframing
  • Changing frames for better future
  • Milton model & conversational hypnosis
  • How to use Milton model language patterns
  • Milton model in speeches
  • Milton model in writing
  • Difference between Meta & Milton model
  • The final talk on NLP metrics
  • NLP business application
  • Mindfulness basics
  • Difference between mindfulness & NLP

NLP Patterns for Practice

  • Changing your mood exercise
  • Reversing anxiety exercise
  • How to feel wonderful exercise
  • Changing bad feelings exercise
  • Negative thought fast – change your negativity into positivity