NLP Practitioner Training Syllabus


Given below is the syllabus of our NLP Practitioner Certification Course. The participants will also get Free Training & Certification in Direct Hypnosis & Life Coaching.

NLP Practitioner Syllabus


NLP Practitioner Syllabus

  • Defining NLP
  • NLP & Replicating the Genius
  • Introducing Magical Powers & Applications of NLP
  • How We Understand the World Around Us
  • How Mind Creates Psychological Issues
  • Understanding the Fundamentals of Change Work through Case Studies
  • Identifying Success and Failure Patterns
  • Discover your Brilliance-Exercise
  • Mood Meter: Exercise
  • Managing States Instantly
  • Association & Dis-association
  • Double Disassociation
  • Controlling Brain-power
  • Changing Images inside the Brain
  • Controlling & Directing Internal Dialogue
  • Identifying & Changing Emotional Patterns
  • Identifying, Changing & Aligning Thoughts & Beliefs
  • VAK Model of NLP
  • Physiology & NLP
  • Changing States with Physiology
  • The Magic of Sub-modalities
  • Distinctions in Sub-modalities
  • Self-image & Sub-modalities
  • Internal Representation, Modalities & Sub-modalities
  • Change Work with Sub-modalities
  • Tools for Conditioning Positivity
  • Tools for Putting Positivity on Autopilot
  • Tools for Removing Negativity & Stress
  • Developing Sensory Acuity
  • Analyse the Brain’s Information Processing Style
  • Using the VAK Model for Effective Communication
  • Predicate & Process Words:
  • A Representational System for Persuasive Communication
  • NLP Goal Setting Formula
  • Neuro-logical Level Alignment
  • Sub-conscious Reprogramming for Converting Vision into Reality
  • Aligning yourself with your purpose
  • Building an Identity that Suits Your Goal
  • Understating Values behind your Goals
  • Tools and Techniques for Goal Conditioning
  • Creating a Golden Future with Sub-modalities
  • Meta Model
  • Framing Powerful Questions
  • Deletion, Distortion & Generalization
  • Morning Power Questions
  • Applications of the Meta Model
  • Relating to People Smoothly
  • Rapport Building
  • Matching and Mirroring
  • Pacing & Leading
  • Perceptual Positions
  • First, Second, and Third Positions
  • Understanding the System Position
  • Changing Perceptual Position with the Meta Mirror
  • Milton Model & Conversational Hypnosis
  • Using Milton Model Language Patterns in Everyday Conversation
  • Hidden Ways to Seed Suggestions in the Sub-conscious Mind with the Milton Model
  • Application of the Milton Model in Training & Coaching
  • Milton Model in Speeches
  • Milton Model in Writing
  • The Distinction Between the Meta and Milton Model
  • NLP Presuppositions
  • Reframing
  • Changing Frames for a Better Future
  • Context Reframing
  • Content Reframing
  • Defining Timeline
  • Timeline: Through Time
  • Timeline: In Time
  • Creating a Golden Future with Timeline
  • Changing Habits with NLP
  • Propulsion Systems (Attraction & Aversion)
  • Creating a Belief to Change Habit
  • Dealing with Habits & Compulsions
  • Changing Your Cravings (Switching Your Craving Exercise)
  • Become More Determined Exercise
  • The Habit Framework
  • Understanding the Reflective Thinking Model
  • Reflective Thinking Model for Conditioning Positivity
  • Reflective Thinking Model for Removing Negativity
  • Defining Anchoring
  • Sub-modality & Anchoring
  • Installing Positive Anchors
  • Revising NLP through Case Studies

How to Build a Career in Training, Coaching & Counselling

  • Understating the Training & Coaching Industry 
  • Importance of Literature Survey
  • Defining Training Topics
  • Designing Training Modules
  • Getting Clients for Training & Coaching
  • Preparing yourself to be a Trainer & a Life Coach
  • How to Write a Business Plan: A Step-by-Step Guide

NLP Patterns for Practice

  • Changing your Mood
  • How to Feel Wonderful
  • Changing Bad Feelings
  • Negative Thought Fast – Change your Negativity into Positivity
  • The Scramble Pattern
  • Movie Music Pattern
  • The Picture Frame
  • Swish Pattern
  • Circle of Excellence
  • Creating a Compelling Future
  • Developing a Plan to Achieve Your Goal
  • Reframing Negative Feelings and Phobia: Theater Technique
  • Six-Step Re-framing

(In NLP Training Workshop, along with NLP Practitioner Certificate, you will get Training and Certification of Hypnosis Practitioner + NLP Coach + Life Coach absolutely FREE.)


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