Siji Thomas - Motivational Speaker, Parenting Coach & Author

Partner & Founder Of Center For Metamorphosis, Life Coach, NLP Coach And Hypnotherapist

Happy family and a dream job Life was perfect, until all of a sudden I left my job for some unexpected issues with my teenager, I was in a panic mode, confused about a lot of things in life.  I had a passion for writing (novels), while I kept myself busy with my writing habits, this job break was indeed ‘A blessing in disgrace’ and I had this wonderful opportunity to spend time with my teenager, I could realize a lot of issues the teenagers face, their internal conflict, emotional imbalance, identity crisis and lot more, as a mother I wanted to help her in sorting out her issues but I had my limitations.  She was not free to me and I ended up involving a third person always.  

This feeling made me approach other parents and teenagers and school teachers and I realized this is a genuine problem, teenagers show a different face to the world and they are always in turmoil with their emotions, feelings and personality crisis, parents on the other hand literally want to help their children but end up getting hurt by the reaction of their teenagers.

My research made me write a book on ‘Teenage the Base of Adulthood’ and while visiting schools with this book I realized I can help all these youngsters and their parents if I give training on teenagers on all the WHY’s in their life and Teenage Parenting for their parents.

And I realized a truth, working reliance in a long period of ten years, I was in my comfort zone I have not updated myself, I do not have the courage to face the crowd, stage fear was something which was a nightmare for me, whenever I tried talking, I knew it was a disaster.  That’s when I heard about The Global NLP Organisation’s NLP Practitioner, Hypnosis Practitioner, NLP Coach & Life Coach Certification course and I knew this can help me with my stage fear, and this certification can help me to practically take up counselling sessions for all the needed parents and students.  The Global NLP Organisation’s this course helped me with the following:

  • Helped me to conquer my fear of stage
  • Personality development
  • Life Coach Certification equipped me to handle the students to take up individual counselling sessions.
  • NLP and Hypnosis certification equipped me to take up sessions professionally for schools and junior colleges. In our signature product ‘Smart Scoring’ we use a lot of NLP techniques that help the students to increase their concentration and change their belief systems.  

When I joined IBHNLP - The Indian Board of Hypnosis & Neuro-Linguistic Programming for the NLP Practitioner program, though I knew my capabilities or blessings, but, I was not sure about the next step, there was always confusion about whether to look for a full-time job which gave me a handsome salary or to go for a business which I never had any experience.  After this life-changing NLP Certification Course, I could set a clear goal of entering into the training industry, especially to help parents and students wherein they need a third person to intervene to reach them on the same page.  

Today, I cannot say I am very successful or earning money, (that day is yet to come) but I have made myself a known person for taking up these sessions and I have sessions almost every week without much trying.  I practised a lot of NLP techniques on me (my husband too did the same course and he helps me in practice too. It’s great fun!)

NLP Tools, I like the most:

  • Well-formed outcome: This helped me to direct my thinking to one direction.  I could make a clear goal and determination to reach that goal with good planning steps.
  • Using Sub-modalities: I practised visualization on daily basis before going to sleep, I visualized myself speaking on stage and I visualized people clapping on the value that I shared and this helped me to condition my subconscious mind in aligning with my goal. 

I established my activities in the name of ‘Centre for Metamorphosis’ and deliver the following sessions in schools and colleges:

  • Smart Scoring Session (Board exam students)
  • Memory Boosting sessions (9th, 10th, 11th, 12th grade Students)
  • Soft skill development sessions (Teenagers and college students)
  • Personality development (for all teenagers)
  • Parenting sessions for parents of teenagers
  • Teachers training programs
  • Career guidance program

I also take up individual counselling for:

  • Counselling sessions for all Teenage issues and Parenting issues
  • Teaching issues
  • Visiting schools to take up counselling issues

I am halfway with my next book on mid-age Crisis and have plans to take up sessions to deal with their issues in the future.  My future plans include taking up NLP Train the Train program / Life Coaching Train the Train Program etc. in a year’s time.

In short, I have achieved the following things with my NLP, Hypnosis, Life Coach training:

  • Clarity on a goal and planning capabilities to reach my goal
  • Transformed myself to the level of a business-woman and inculcated good qualities to become successful in my professional and personal life.
  • Positive attitude (this was confusion earlier) and I firmly believe that I can do it when I believe it completely. 
  • Figured out where I was wrong / my weaknesses and started working on my flows
  • My experience and awareness help me to react or influence my external world.

My journey has just started and I have figured out my passion and way forward, I love the kind of support the Global NLP Organisation is offering, I am really impressed the way they help me with the pre-training and post-training support. Indeed, I feel the mantra of the Global NLP Organisation ‘Creating a better world Through NLP and Hypnosis’ is my vision too!




This was all about Siji Thomas, & her journey with IBHNLP! Sometimes, it's really hard to decide the next step...but keep faith...and follow your will find yourself next to success very soon...
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