MBNLP Practitioner Course Syllabus


Our syllabus for MBNLP

Let me explain with an example of what we are going to learn in MBNLP. In NLP, we use a tool called ‘Neurological Alignment’ to shape our future or solve existing problems. For example, if we have to fulfil any of our dreams, then through this tool, we think at different levels about the dream. Such as environmental level (the environment you are in), behavioural level (your personality), capability level (your skills and abilities), power and value level (your beliefs and values), identity level (your identity) and spiritual Level (your philosophy). In short, if you want to fulfil any of your dreams, you have to prepare yourself on each level, and the starting point is the environmental level.

With this tool of NLP, I have helped thousands of people to fulfil their dreams. This is an excellent tool, but still, sometimes it fails with many people because in many cases, people are confused about their dreams. If someone is confused his/her dreams in the first place, it’s very difficult to work with this great tool of NLP. That’s why, during the counselling session, I generally ask the client a few questions before working on the dream. Such as…

Is your dream really yours? Is your dream coming from the deepest core of your being? Is it your inner urge to realise that dream?

Many times our dreams are handed over to us by the society we are living in. Dreams framed by social conditioning do not give us satisfaction even after being fulfilled, because these dreams are not our own; they are not coming from the deepest core of our being. That’s why to find the answer to the question ‘What do I want to achieve?’ we need to dig deep into our being. We have to play around with this thought. The processes of mindfulness will help us to look within ourselves and recognise that dream. Here we will work on three tools of mindfulness:

1. Awareness

2. Attention

3. Intention

In this way, we will use the tools of Mindfulness to learn NLP's tool 'Neurological Alignment,' so that we can generate better results.

In short, we will learn how to combine the processes of mindfulness with different tools of NLP so that we can achieve better results and solve problems easily and create a better future.

Some important topics that we will learn in MBNLP Workshop are:

1. Mindfulness

2. NLP

3. The connection between NLP & Mindfulness

4. Creation of Golden future through MBNLP

5. Getting rid of psychological disorders with the help of MBNLP

6. Art of being here & now

7. Getting aligned with our own intuition

8. Experiencing the state of ‘no-mind’ apart from the Conscious Mind and Subconscious Mind.

9. Learn how to control internal representation (visual, auditory, and kinaesthetic) with mindfulness.

10. While doing coaching and counselling, learn techniques to live in ‘beginner’s mind.’

11. Freedom from beliefs

12. Fundamental Principles of MBNLP

Apart from this, we will also have a quick overview of whatever we have learned in NLP Practitioner Workshop and learn the tools of Mindfulness as well.

In short, With MBNLP, we will be building our bright future and will also be able to enjoy life in the present.

‘Wheel of NLPTM’ for creating a Golden Future:

Wheel of Awareness’ to be in the present & enjoy the Life:

Hope you enjoyed reading this blog! Do share it with your near & dear ones. Let’s meet at the next Blog. Till then…….

‘Enjoy Your Life & Live with Passion!’

(This article is originally written in Hindi by the Master Trainer Sandip Shirsat and later translated into English by Kimiya Ambekar.)


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