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nlp practitioner Syllabus

An Overview of the Six-Day Course

Most Important Skills & Topics Covered Only at IBHNLP

  • Direct Hypnosis - Here you are gonna learn ‘Elman Induction’ and how to seed suggestions into the subconscious mind. With this, you can easily program your subconscious mind.
  • Thought Detoxification Therapy - This is the wonderful therapy by which you can detox your mind just in few minutes. Here you are going to learn ‘catharsis’, it means to empty your mind. It is a very powerful mind cleansing process.
  • Mindfulness - Here you are gonna learn some advanced techniques in mindfulness. The moment you become aware, more than ninety per cent problems dissolve or at least, we can have a deeper understanding of them.
  • Peak Performance Coaching – NLP tools can be used for coaching to transform individual performance. These tools are used by many Olympians.

Some Other Important Topics Covered


6 Days NLP Practitioner Workshop Syllabus in Detail:


  • Introducing magical powers & applications of NLP in personal & professional life
  • Understanding the fundamentals of change work through case studies
  • NLP MatrixTM for the Practitioners
  • Managing ‘States’ instantly
  • Association & Dis-association
  • Double disassociation
  • Controlling brain power
  • Changing images inside our brain
  • Directing internal dialogue
  • Identifying & changing emotions quickly (Mastering our emotional patterns)
  • Identifying & aligning Values
  • Identifying, aligning & changing beliefs
  • VAK Model of NLP
  • Physiology & NLP
  • Developing a robust physiological postures
  • Pattern Interrupt 
  • Training in Developing Sensory Acuity
  • Analyse your information processing style
  • Using the VAK Model for effective communication
  • Developing sensory acuity
  • Predicate and process words 
  • Representational System for persuasive communication 
  • NLP Presuppositions (Belief of excellence)
  • Presentation on NLP presuppositions
  • Pain & Pleasure Principle
  • Mindfulness Basics
  • Difference between Mindfulness, NLP & Hypnosis 
  • Relating to People Smoothly
  • Rapport building
  • Mirroring & Matching
  • Pacing & Leading
  • Anchoring (Access positive states, whenever required)
  • Perceptual Positions
  • Understanding the system position
  • Outcome Frame for defining your vision (Well Formed Outcome)
  • Neuro Logical Level Alignment 
  • Sub-conscious reprogramming or imprinting
  • Neurological Alignment
  • Aligning with your purpose 
  • Creating a golden future with NLP submodalities
  • Cartesian Questions for goal setting
  • Building Identity that suits your goal
  • Understating values behind your goals 
  • Tools and technique for goal conditioning 
  • Fear Management
  • Anxiety Removal
  • Phobia Cure
  • NLP & Depression 
  • Introduction of Submodalities
  • Distinctions in Submodalities
  • Self-Image & Submodalities
  • Belief Change Process, Tools & Technique
  • Meta Model
  • Framing Powerful Questions
  • Deletion, Distortion and Generalization
  • Morning Power Questions 
  • Reframing
  • Changing frames for better future
  • Milton Model & Conversational Hypnosis
  • Difference between Meta & Milton Model
  • How to use Milton Model Language Patterns
  • Milton Model in speeches
  • Milton Model in writing 
  • Project on Meta Model
  • Project on Milton Model
  • Timeline Magic
  • Difference between in time and through time
  • The final talk on NLP Metrics
  • NLP Metrics & its application in personal life & in the coaching process
  • Training in How to do Life Coaching for Peak Performance
  • Wellness Coaching
  • Coaching Questions
  • Coaching Formats
  • Life Coaching & Peak Performance Coaching
  • Coaching Tools
  • Popular Coaching Models
  • Reflective Thinking Model
  • How to hold coaching sessions 
  • Discussion on Further Development
  • NLP Business Application
  • NLP Patterns for practice
  • Changing Your Mood Exercise
  • Reversing Anxiety Exercise
  • How to Feel Wonderful Exercise
  • Changing Bad Feelings Exercise
  • Negative Thought Fast – Change your negativity into positivity
  • Certification & Reviews
  • Hypnosis and NLP
  • History of Hypnosis
  • Difference between hypnotherapy and stage hypnosis
  • Mind Model of hypnosis – The theory of mind
  • Understanding conscious & subconscious Mind
  • Difference between hetero-hypnosis and self-hypnosis
  • Rapid Hypnotic Induction
  • Hand Claps test
  • How to induce the hypnotic state
  • Description & creation of trance state
  • The theory of suggestibility
  • How to conduct the hypnotic session
  • Deepening technique
  • Seeding suggestions into the subconscious mind
  • Creative powerful change-work script
  • The wording of effective suggestions
  • Elman Induction
  • Self-Hypnosis
  • 21 days - exercise of self-hypnosis for self-development

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