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The Myth of FREE NLP Training in India

Free NLP Training in Mumbai

If you are searching for the Free NLP Training in MumbaiPune, Delhi, Ahmedabad or Bangalore, Free NLP Seminar or Free NLP Workshops in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi NCRAhmedabad or Bangalore, then you must read this article.

NLP, as you know, stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming, is a skill rather than the science of human excellence & brain conditioning. It’s a science of success modelling. One should always keep in mind that there is no free ride in this world. On the contrary, things which seem FREE ultimately cost a lot & particularly about NLP, which is very valuable & powerful tool to change & condition human mind. It can’t be obtained for FREE. It’s Ok if you are a beginner. If you don’t know anything about NLP, then it might be the right strategy to attend a Free NLP Seminar or Workshop.

The only problem with this strategy is one becomes oblivious to the basic principle that nothing is FREE in this world. It takes quite arduous efforts to master NLP skills. That Free NLP Workshop or Seminar proves just a bait for upcoming paid NLP Seminar & that is again at a very high cost because then the marketing price of earlier FREE NLP Program also has to be covered. In an introductory Free NLP Seminar, speaker influences audience by using some memory tricks or showing some kind of magic, which is not at all the part of NLP or is not going to change the person in fundamental ways. In charisma of that whole atmosphere, some people without logical calculations, enrol themselves in upcoming paid program thinking that they are getting huge discounts (forgetting that whatever they are paying is also very huge).

So before enrolling yourself in such a FREE NLP Workshop, it is advised to ask a few questions to Yourself:

  • Is it just out of curiosity about NLP, you want to attend this program?
  • Do you really think that some magic is going to happen after attending this FREE NLP Workshop?
  • Do you really think that skill like NLP can be obtained FREE of the cost?
  • Are you quite sure that there won’t be any further marketing?
  • Do you know the actual cost & duration of NLP Practitioner?
  • Have you compared various NLP websites, NLP Training Institutes in India?
  • Have you checked the feedbacks & reviews?
  • Have you checked the Trainer’s profile?
  • Will all the aspects of NLP be covered by that NLP Trainer, because once you have that sense of deceiving, you won’t apply for any other course of NLP thinking that NLP is useless or it won’t work with you?

Here in the intense competition of marketing, most of the time, finding a real master of NLP has become very difficult.

At the Indian Board of Hypnosis & Neuro-Linguistic Programming, we also offer Training in Basics of Hypnosis & Life Coach Certification FREE of the cost. This facility is only for those who have enrolled for NLP Practitioner Training in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi or Bangalore.

How can NLP really help you Personally & Professionally?


With the powerful tools of NLP, we can create a personality that will have the ability to change its own thinking, attitude, perceptions & beliefs. It will have the knack of creating the desired outcomes through establishing control over one’s own mind. It will have the magic to change the life of oneself and those of others. Not only this, through NLP, we will also learn some finest and powerful tools of brain conditioning, which can control & guide our mind and ultimately our life. Simultaneously, setting up goals and conditioning or programming them in our brain can also be done.

           NLP trains us in different ‘change patterns’ with brain programming. These patterns teach us a different way of thinking, or we can say that they teach us to think differently. Through which, we can get rid of negative imprints, our fears, our phobias, our bad memories, mistaken decisions about life and their repercussions from our sub-conscious mind. Our years-old negative habits can be changed in the fraction of seconds. We can get good health, can get rid of negative emotions and adopt positive feelings. The most important thing! We would start enjoying our life. We would start loving & caring for our near & dear ones, start building good relationships with others, start making big decisions without fear, start earning more money. We learn all these things through NLP’s ‘Change Patterns’.

If we look around us, we will find some people are more successful, and many are unsuccessful in their personal, professional & social life. Definitely, those who are successful must be using their brain in a certain way that they are producing certain results. Now the question is: can we produce the same results? If ‘Yes’, then ‘How?’ would be the Next Question. Our Upcoming NLP Workshop will be the perfect place to learn that.

For NLP Training that will help you in Personal and Professional life, find out about the NLP Practitioner or NLP Master Practitioner courses, now! Call Satish on +919834878870 or mail us at satish@ibhnlp.com for more information.
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