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Become an IBHNLP Certified NLP Practitioner in just ₹ 24,499/- (Huge 35% Off on Course Costing ₹ 37,700! )

The mission of IBHNLP is to spread NLP throughout the world. NLP is such a powerful tool for Personal Transformation that Everybody must learn it & Transform his or her personal & professional life. Under this mission, you can attend the NLP Practitioner Course just by investing ₹ 24,499/-. Our Corporate Fees for NLP Practitioner Certification Course is ₹ 37,700/- on which you can get a Huge 35% off due to Covid-19 effect.

Cost Without Certifications: - 21,999/- INR

Cost With Certifications: - 24,499/- INR (NLP Practitioner, NLP Coach, Hypnosis Practitioner, Life Coach + Life-long Membership of the Indian Board of Hypnosis & Neuro-Linguistic Programming)

Cost with Certifications & Personal Power Coaching Program: - 54,999/- INR (Certifications: NLP Practitioner, NLP Coach, Hypnosis Practitioner, Life Coach + Life-long Membership of the Indian Board of Hypnosis & Neuro-Linguistic Programming AND Personal Power Coaching Program: - Under this program, participants will receive the Individual Coaching Sessions for next 6 months.)


Establish Coaching/Counselling Business after Learning NLP

Most of the Psychology Students, Managers, Trainers, Teachers, Counsellors, Coaches etc. are eager to know about NLP & how it can help them to grow Personally & Professionally. The Field of Counselling & Coaching is growing rapidly, not only in India but in the whole Asian Sub-Continent. After becoming a Certified NLP Practitioner, you can set up your own Counselling Firm & bring a Positive Change in the Lives of People. For that, learning NLP is not enough, one has to learn marketing skills as well. So, IBHNLP conducts a Free Seminar on, ‘How to Establish Yourself in the Business of Counselling,’ where you would get the Strategic Plan to Grow Your Business at Fast Pace.


Money Back Guarantee

Let me ask you a Simple Question. Will you try hard to save your own One Lac Rupees or will you make efforts to earn extra 1 Lac? An average Human Being would obviously try to save them instead earn extra one lac. That’s why investments you make in NLP Practitioner Course must draw satisfactory results. If you are dissatisfied with the Overall Experience or any of the Proceedings of the Course, you can withdraw your amount at the end of very First Day. Remember: Money is not the question! The real Question is: Are you getting the Quality Training of NLP? At IBHNLP, we are quite sure that whatever we provide under the NLP Training is genuine, following International Standards with Total Honesty.


Learn Original NLP

You might have known that there are more than 1000 NLP Institutes in the World right now, more than 1200 Books are written on NLP, there are at least 50 People, who have really contributed in the Field of NLP. In short field of NLP, has become Diverse and bit confusing. So IBHNLP has developed an Integrated Approach towards NLP. NLP Practitioner at IBHNLP includes the Best, Proven and Practical Approaches in the field, which really makes it a Holistic Package. Whatever you learn here is the Real Culmination of NLP Science. IBHNLP proudly says that it is the First NLP Board in the Field of NLP Today. IBHNLP has adopted such a Holistic Approach towards NLP, which makes your Experience of Learning NLP more Concrete & Course becomes really Result-Oriented.


Get a Free Training & Certification in Direct Hypnosis

In NLP, you learn Milton Model which is also called ‘Conversational Hypnosis’. ‘Conversational Hypnosis’ means using Hypnosis, while Conversation is going on. The journey of Hypnosis began with Direct Hypnosis, but highly Educated people had the problem with that. Earlier, being hypnotized was considered to be the sign of weak mind. To overcome that issue, Milton developed Conversational Hypnosis. Here you don’t have to make somebody lie in the chair & hypnotize him with great effort and bring Desired Change. With Conversational Hypnosis, change happens with greater ease. But to understand Conversational Hypnosis or Milton model it is important to know ‘Direct Hypnosis’. It gives you the greater comfort in learning Conversational Hypnosis. That’s why IBHNLP provides Free Training in Direct Hypnosis in NLP Practitioner Seminar. This session would be conducted separately on the very First Day of the Course. After attending this Half Day Session, you’d also get a Certification in Basics Hypnosis.

To read more about:

(Direct Hypnosis Part 1– click here.)

(Direct Hypnosis Part 2 - click here.)


Get Free Training & Certification in Life Coaching

In NLP workshop, most important Life Coaching Skills are also covered. Learning these skills will make you adept in Solving Problems of yours as well as those of others. So you can even launch your career as a ‘Life Coach’ and land into myriad Opportunities in the field of Coaching. If you are already a coach, these Coaching Principles & skills can take your career to Higher Level with better Earning Opportunities. The Attendees of this session would get Life Coach Certificate of IBHNLP. If you are a Trainer, then it would help you to conduct Seminars in Corporate World as a Life Coach (hints for conducting seminar would be provided). You can also help people to Transform their Personal Life. Note: You will only receive Life Coach Certificate after submitting a project on ‘Life Coaching’.

(More about Life Coach Project: Click here.)


Free Training in Thought Detoxification Therapy

This is one of the Powerful Tool for Personal Transformation. This process cleanses your Negative Emotions very quickly. Normally Social Structure forces you not to express your Emotions and so you keep repressing them. This leads to toxify your emotions & ultimately your Behaviour. So this ‘Thought Detoxification Therapy’ is the Solution! This Therapy detoxifies Your Suppressed Negative Emotions & helps you to bring Positive & Desired Change in your Personal & Professional Life.


Get a Free Individual Counselling

After Workshop, there is Separate One Day Reserved for Individual Counselling, in which you can get Personalized Solution to your Problems. Here you would Get Free Guidance about bringing change in the personalized situation. In Six Day Course, almost all Personal Issues are solved, but still, if any issue is deeply embedded in the subconscious, then it requires Personal Counselling. That’s why we provide Free Individual Counselling Session for each NLP Practitioner. For that, you have to book your Appointment during Seminar days, obviously Free of Charge. Note: This Individual Counselling Session will be on the 7th day if needed.


Become a Member of IBHNLP

After attending NLP Practitioner at IBHNLP, you can become IBHNLP Board Member and as a member you would get Free Lifelong Support for your Counselling, Coaching or Training Business. You will get Constant Updates about new Development in the Field of NLP. You can attend ‘Yearly Meet’ of Board Members of IBHNLP & this is a Real Opportunity for Networking and expanding your business. As a Board Member, you will also get Special Discounts for further Courses like NLP Master Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner Trainer etc.


Become a Certified IBHNLP Trainer

If your dream is to be Trainer of NLP, then this is really important for You. For that, you have to successfully complete NLP Course like NLP Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner & NLP Master Practitioner Trainer & also should pass the Qualifying Test to be IBHNLP recognized Trainer. Just by following some pre-requisite conditions, you can Become the Certified NLP Trainer of IBHNLP. We will promote you in our Corporate Seminars as well. You’d also get references through us. (To read more about the importance of Completing NLP Masters & NLP Master Practitioner Trainers – click here.)


Free Post Training Support

Get a Free Post Training Support after the successful completion of NLP Practitioner Course. NLP is a skill & like every other skill, one needs continuous support & proper guidance at every step. The ‘dreamers’ are almost never successful. It’s the people who are willing to roll up their sleeves, the ‘doers’, who get real results. That is why I have developed Post Training Support System, fortunately, this system doesn’t require too much work. It can be managed in under 30 minutes a day. You can take weekends off too. As long as you are willing to commit to 30 minutes a day, 5 days per week, you will get some remarkable results.


Certifications Offered by IBHNLP for NLP Practitioner Participants

To view NLP Practitioner, Life Coach & Hypnosis Practitioner Certificates, click here. These are the certificates offered by IBHNLP (Indian Board of Hypnosis & Neuro-Linguistic Programming) to its participants after the successful completion of 6 Days intensive Training.


Get a FREE Pre-Training Book worth ₹ 540/-

Get a FREE Copy of NLP Practitioner Pre-Training Book, which is the must-read book for the one, who wish to learn NLP as a skill. This book will show you the reality of NLP Learning. 90% NLP Courses fail just because the participants are not warmed up in NLP Learning Process. This NLP Book includes 10 important Topics including some Mind-Training Activities + online Personal assistance to help you build your NLP Skills.



Upcoming NLP Practitioner Courses in India

Regular Offline NLP Practitioner, Hypnosis Practitioner, NLP Coach, Life Coach Certification Training Course Schedule:


Fascinating Inner Journey to Transform the External Life by attending the Intensive Workshop on NLP Practitioner. Rewrite your own future and make your Life a Celebration.

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