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NLP Certification: An Unsolved Riddle

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One fine morning, a fox set out for hunting in a forest. It saw a rabbit. The fox was about to reprimand the rabbit, at the same time, it realized that the rabbit was looking straight into its eyes and was fearlessly standing there. The fox was scared for a moment because it was expected that seeing the fox, the rabbit should run away, but nothing happened like that. As soon as, the fox advanced towards the rabbit, the rabbit stood steadfast in front of the fox. The fox went further, but the rabbit was not moving an inch from its place. All this was confusing for the fox.

The fox did not understand what was happening? Going too close, it said to the rabbit, “Don’t you know that I am a fox and I eat meat? Perhaps you do not know how ravenous my claws are! Just a swoop and you will be dead. How dare you to stand in front of me? You are just a petty animal; you should scare me. You should run away after seeing me. I’m a fox and I am a strong and powerful creature.” Rabbit said, “Do you have any certificate of being a fox? I need a certificate, or how will I know who you are? Go & get the certificate and then we will talk.”

The fox got confused and turned towards the lion’s cave, because the lion was the king of the jungle and if the fox wants a certificate of being a fox, then the fox should receive it from the lion. Soon, the fox was standing in front of the lion. It said to the lion, “Oh King, all the creatures are asking for certificates in the forest, they are not ready to accept that I am a fox, please give me the certificate.” Lion took the paper, took a pen and started writing, “This creature is a fox and eats meat. Its paws are very rough. The single swoop of its paws can cause the death of small animals. They are deadly, so all the petty creatures should fear it. They should run away by looking at it. It is a fox, a strong and powerful creature.” The lion stamped down, signed and certified the fox with great respect.

Fox went to the rabbit again and showed the certificate. After reading the certificate, the rabbit got scared. Its hands trembled, legs shivered and it ran away from there. The fox felt very nice that at least seeing that certificate the rabbit got scared and ran away. ‘Now the small creatures would again be afraid of me,’ the fox thought. Thinking that the lion should be thanked and that fox turned towards the lion’s cave again.

The fox saw from a distance that a donkey was standing next to the lion and was asking for the certificate to the lion of being a lion. The fox was shocked; it did not expect that at all. As soon as the donkey asked for a certificate from the lion, the lion said to the donkey, “If I had been hungry, you wouldn’t have even got the chance to ask for the certificate, so far you would have died and as I am not hungry, I do not care, what you chatter.” Again I repeat what the lion said, “If I had been hungry, you wouldn’t have even got the chance to ask for the certificate, so far you would have died and as I am not hungry, I do not care, what you chatter.”

Listening to the lion’s response, the fox realized that the ‘realization of one’s own strengths’ is more powerful than the certificate. This feeling, this spirit, this confidence is very crucial along with the certificate.

This spirit, this confidence will not come from being certified only. You have to think beyond the myth of certification. You have to awaken this spirit inside you. To build that confidence, you must work hard. You must try to inculcate that spirit inside you. This same spirit, same self-confidence creates a magnificent strength that makes a common man an extraordinary one.

After reading this story, if you have reached the conclusion that there is no need of certification, then I may have failed to convey my point of view to you! All I want to say is: NLP Spirit needs to be awakened than just pursuing some fancy NLP certification. The certificate is just one aspect of the coin, which is important, no doubt about it, but it is more necessary to awaken that NLP spirit amongst us. Hence IBHNLP helps you to awaken the strength & the spirit of NLP along with the certification. This is where IBHNLP is different from other NLP institutes.

Therefore, along with the certificate, also think a little bit, whether you are really mastering the subject in which you are being certified or not. I have seen that people are certified as a Life Coach along with NLP and nothing is taught in terms of life coaching in training. People are happy to receive the certificates and the so-called international brands earn money by signing the certificates.

IBHNLP also offers the certificate of a Life Coach along with NLP Practitioner, but before conferring it attendees are equipped with the complete guidance in the subject matter. At the same time, you have to adhere to certain conditions. For example, in a six-day NLP workshop, we dedicate a full day for Life coaching and explain in detail, how you can do life coaching with the help of NLP & Hypnosis.

Not only this, but you also have to demonstrate your life coaching skills in training, which will be evaluated. So before offering certificates, we need full confirmation about your skill set & your mastery. At the same time, after the completion of in-house training, you are given the project, under which you have to conduct at least five life coaching sessions of three people and submit the project to IBHNLP.

This assures us that the person, who is certified in Life coaching has really mastered the skills of NLP and Life Coaching. Because IBHNLP is a Board with brand value and we will not let it down at any cost. It is our endeavor, that you would get the best training, the best certification and at the same time, you master the NLP skills in its true spirit. Now you have to think about what do you want to do?

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