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Demo - Day 3 Homewok. Activity 2

NLP Practitioner Post Training Support Demo

After Training Support

(Don't forget to Experience Relaxation YouTube Video based on Elman Induction After Going through the Activity)

Introduction: I always say it in my NLP Practitioner Training that if you are looking for the easy way out, this is not for you, to build mastery over NLP tools takes little time. In my experience, there is no easy way out. The ‘dreamers’ are almost never successful. It’s the people who are willing to roll up their sleeves, the ‘doers’, who get real results. That is why I have developed Post Training Support System, fortunately, this system doesn’t require too much work. It can be managed in under 30 minutes a day. You can take weekends off too. As long as you are willing to commit to 30 minutes a day, 5 days per week, you will get some remarkable results. To begin with day one and start practicing.

Day 3 Homework

Activity No. 2

We learned ‘Direct Hypnosis’ on the very first day of our NLP Practitioner Certification Course. That day we learned about the difference between Direct Hypnosis & Conversational Hypnosis. We also understood the concept of Mind Model – How Mind Functions & Rules of the Mind. In that session, we also practiced ‘Going into Trance State’, as well as ‘How to Seed Positive Suggestions into Subconscious Mind’. On the very same day, we also enjoyed a lot while ‘Hypnotizing Our Partners’. Now it is time to practice Elman Induction and seed some positive suggestions into our own subconscious mind. 

Practice ‘Seeding Positive Suggestions into Subconscious Mind for Better Life Audio Track’

This Track will provide you

1. Suggestions to relax your body then mind

2. Positive suggestions to improve your health, relations, happiness, etc.

It will take around 14 minutes. Just find a comfortable place and time to listen to it. Headphones are strongly recommended. Avoid listening to it while driving or working. This audio track is similar to what you did in the seminar at the end of the same session. You can do it in the morning or before going to bed.

This is How You Need To Practice Different Activities on Different Days.

Why is Post Training Support Crucial after the Completion of NLP Practitioner?

While learning Four Wheeler Driving I had an experience, I don’t know whether you might have that kind of experience in your life or not, if not, still you can very well imagine this.  I still remember that day very clearly, when I tried to learn four wheeler driving for the first time. It was a pleasant morning. For the first time, I was holding the staring of the car. That day was 18th October, the birthday of my best friend! I could easily experience the freshness & enthusiasm in the morning breeze. The Sky was as blue as the ocean as if somebody has painted it in blue. The road, on which, I was about to drive my car, used to be very quiet. That was the first time, I was on the driving seat, staring at that empty road ahead. I was attentively listening to the instructions of my friend. My hands were on the staring wheel holding it tightly. Slowly, I switched on the car & engine started! That was a thrilling experience! A weird sensation ran through my body. I was the little bit nervous as well.

That was the memorable day. If you have learned driving a four-wheeler, these may have been memorable days for you also. I was very conscious or aware of everything that was happening around me, may that have been trees or vehicles or anything inside my brain. Suddenly, I also started noticing stones by the roadside, small & large! Maybe for the first time, I was so much aware. That experience of learning four wheeler driving was an amazing one. My total focus was on driving the car as if my mind & body have become one!

Slowly, the car moved ahead. I was feeling as if I’m moving forward in my life, I was experiencing the feeling of fulfillment & success. I was feeling better & better about myself. I was doing so many things together, staring wheel, gear, brake, clutch, instructions of my friend! How difficult was it to cop up with so many things together? In the beginning, it was next to impossible! It was hard to even to imagine that I would drive the car with great ease. Still, so amazing & pleasant experience it was! As the time passed, driving a car became a routine. Today also I drive my car & all things are happening today also. That same staring wheel, clutch, gear, break, chatting with the friend, who is sitting beside me. But now, that all is happing on the unconscious level.

Now, I don’t have to try that much hard for this. Today, all these things happen smoothly, I enjoy all these things today. Now it isn’t a task or challenge or hazardous thing for me. If you have been through the same experience, you would have also felt that today also, you are doing the same things, which you have done on the first day of your learning. Just the only difference, between then & now, is things in initial days, were at conscious level & now they are at unconscious level.

While learning NLP also, same things would happen. You would learn so many skills together, approximately Twenty & all these NLP Skills will help you to change your own life & those of others also. We would learn every skill separately, but on the last day, combining all these, we would try to learn the bigger picture of NLP. For example, if you are in coaching, then how to come in that Peak State, how to use your sensory acuity while communicating with a client, how to ask questions using Meta Model, how to use Milton Model as required, how to use ‘Pattern Interrupt’ wherever necessary & also think about, which NLP Technique should be used in change work? So on so forth.

All this happens, just like it happens while learning four wheeler driving. That time also, we have to do so many things together. In the beginning, when we try to stop the car & it moves on, when we want to apply breaks, an accelerator is pushed by mistake, gears get stuck, wiper gets started automatically! But slowly, things start gliding onto unconscious level from the conscious one & we become the master of that skill.

Similar things would happen to you also. In the initial days, when you start learning NLP, you may feel like, how would you manage all these things? You might think it’s impossible or it would take years to get mastery in learning NLP Skills. For example, when you would start using sensory acuity, you would forget Milton Model, you would use Milton Model & ‘Pattern Interrupt’ will be skipped. Sometimes, it will also happen, that until the end of the session, you won’t get an idea, which NLP Technique, should be used.

Trainers, Coaches, Leaders, Psychologists, Teachers, Managers, whoever start learning NLP Skills, face such a difficulty. That’s a natural process. There is no need to get discouraged, distracted or disheartened by all this, because it’s natural to get the experience like this, so our focus should be on how to take these NLP Skills from conscious level to unconscious level as early as possible after completing NLP Practitioner Training Course. No other NLP institute in India provides such a concrete support to take these NLP Skills at the unconscious level.

Indian Board of Hypnosis & Neuro-Linguistic Programming (IBHNLP) provides Post NLP Practitioner Training Support for Thirty Days. Every day, just by sparing 30 minutes, you have to do that homework, which includes listening to audios, doing some activities. You would be told to do something, which will revise your NLP Training & you could easily get mastery as an NLP Practitioner. Your Thirty Days Post Training NLP Practitioner homework is so easy & enjoyable that every day you will do something new & something interesting & you will revise your NLP Practitioner Course as well. The most important thing, you can do all this at your convenience. Activities are designed in such a way, that every skill will be practiced & there will be a concrete help in using these NLP Skills in your day to day life.

We will try our level best to take these NLP Skills at the unconscious level. Fifteen minutes for Thirty Days & you would really become a skilled NLP Practitioner!

This is our Special Offer for those, who are searching NLP Practitioner Courses in India. Particularly, those who want to do NLP Training Courses in India will get this exclusive benefit. You will receive your NLP Practitioner Training from Top NLP Trainers in India as well as you will get best NLP Practitioner Post Training Support. So Best Wishes for your journey as an NLP Practitioner!

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