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"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." - Eleanor Roosevelt 

A Special Military Mission of NATO ‘Operation Downfall!' Its success was very crucial & important for the whole world. A Hollywood movie released in 2014 on this Operation Downfall named, ‘Edge of Tomorrow’, which became very popular.

As the movie begins, all news channels are announcing that there is catastrophe all over the world. An alien race has hit the Earth in an unrelenting assault, unbeatable by any military unit in the world. People are running leaving their house & all. There is a chaos everywhere. One by one city is being destroyed. People are being killed. The whole world is in danger as usual shown in Hollywood movies frequently. To defend these Aliens, NATO has formed a force of Commandoes. Initially, they are getting success. At some places, Aliens are being defeated. 

And here enters Major Cage, who doesn’t have any experience of warfare. He fears combat & he knows very well that he is not a soldier at all. Still, he is unceremoniously sent to France for the combat. When he awakens, he finds himself on a military base, where he is forced to go on the battlefield.

Gradually his fear dominates him. He starts finding excuses as he could run away from the battle. He tries in every way to run away from the battle, but couldn’t succeed. At last the only way remains & that is of fighting the combat.

In this way, he reaches to the battlefield, where the massacre is taking place. Aliens are attacking severely, soldiers are being killed in a huge number. Rivers of blood are flowing. Everywhere there is nothing, but death.  As there is no way left, he gets ready for fighting. At the very moment, he sees a massive attack He starts fighting with all his strength. But alas! He is killed within seconds on the battlefield.

As soon as he is killed, he again wakes up from the sleep & finds himself at the same military base in France. Everything starts again like last time. Again, he is sent to the battlefield. Everything happens exactly the same way, as it had happened last time. Again, he is killed. As he is killed, he again wakes up from the sleep, everything starts happening the same again.

Gradually, he starts understanding what is going to happen in future. He starts mending his mistake, because of which he was killed last time. Every time before dying, he becomes better in every way & after being awakened, he gets ready to make himself better for future. Here a trainer helps him to be better every time. 

Every time he corrects his mistakes. Every time after being awakened, he forms new strategies in place of those which are failed. Every time he pours his all energy to convert his defeat into victory. In this process, he changes himself & the results he strived for.

“No matter who you are, no matter what you did, no matter where you've come from, you can always change, become a better version of yourself.” - Madonna

Don’t you think that we also have the same power like Cage to start our every day like the new one? To change our future, we have to change our every day. Every day our weaknesses have to die, then only the new day would start. Every day we’ve to prepare ourselves.

Every day we have to move on. Every day we have to step at least one step. Think a little, why could Cage win the battle? How could he become a brave warrior from a run-away layman? How did the courage take place of fear? There were two things….

1. He had a clear idea of his future.

2. He prepared himself for better future in every way.

Do you know, what is the biggest problem with the life? In day-to-day's rush, we forget that something bigger can be achieved. We get merged in day-to-day's work in such a way that we literally forget that life is bigger than these daily choruses. We get entangled with petty matters. We become skilled in small things & forget the important things.

Then this confusion becomes so complex that we even can’t see that life has become mechanical. We start living in the same pattern every day & living in the same pattern for years, we almost stop dreaming also. New thought process or thought pattern makes us uneasy. Gradually, we lose the power to do something different.

Can we break this? Instead of answering this question, I ask you two more questions as an answer.

1. Do you really see your future? Do you have a vision of a Golden Future? Do you have any dream, which is bigger than your Life?

2. Are you preparing yourself for that bright, Golden Future?

Think a little bit about these two questions. Don’t just leave them after reading.

NLP teaches us some Magical & Powerful tools to create such a golden future. Where does our golden future first take place? In our head! NLP basically starts initially by understanding our brain process.

How did those people, who created the golden future, do that? What happened in their brain? How did they condition themselves? How did they program themselves for golden future?

How did they take action every day? How did their every step in that direction? & the most important question, “Can I learn to do the same?” NLP gives us some powerful & magical answers, through which we can create that golden future!

Come on then, let’s meet on the next blog! Till then ‘Enjoy your life & live with a passion!’

- Sandip Shirsat

(CEO & Founder of Indian Board of Hypnosis & Neuro Linguistic Programming)

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Sandip Shirsat NLP Blogger
Sandip Shirsat

Author is the Founder & CEO of Indian Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming

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