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Offer For NLP Master & Trainer

Huge 30% off. Original Cost 60,000/- INR Get it into 42,000/-INR

If you have completed NLP Practitioner at Indian Board of Hypnosis & Neuro-Linguistic Programming (IBHNLP), then you will be benefited with this Huge 30% off on NLP Master and NLP Master Trainer Certification Courses. Get NLP Master & NLP Trainer Together & Save Your Time & Money.

  • Pre-Training will begin prior two months of the Course.
  • In-house Training for 7 Days + 1 More Day for Personal Assistance (If required)
  • Online Post Training Support for 2 Months after the successful completion of NLP Master & NLP Master Trainer

NLP Master Certification

Now a Days NLP, NLP Training, NLP Coaching & overall Usage of NLP for various purposes is spreading widely all over World. With this widespread popularity, things are getting developed very rapidly. Every day some new addition is happening. In recent years, with the Development of Neuro-Science, there is a development of some Advanced Scientifically proven NLP Tools and Techniques in the domain of Human Conditioning & Success Modelling. At NLP Master Certification, you are going to learn all these powerful and latest NLP Technologies at Advanced Level.


NLP Master Trainer Certification

This is one of the Best Combo Offer in the Domain of NLP in India. IBHNLP is providing NLP Master’s Training + NLP Master Trainer's Training together. Throughout the 07 Days of Training, everyday participants are going to furnish their Training Skills to establish themselves as NLP Trainers. Participants are going to hold Actual Training Sessions in this NLP Master & NLP Trainer Certification Course. They’ll get exposure from scripting, public speaking, real mastery over NLP Skills to actual Presentation & spell bounding the Audience.


CBT Certification

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is one of the very Powerful Talking Therapy that can help you manage your Personal & Professional issues by altering the way you Think, Feel and Behave. The Basic Concept of CBT is: Your Thoughts, Feelings, Physical Sensations and Actions are interconnected. CBT shows us a way to Transform these Interconnections and improve our State of Mind on a Daily Basis. You can use CBT in combination with NLP Tools and Techniques for Personal and Professional Growth.


Become an IBHNLP Certified Emotional Intelligence Coach

Emotional Intelligence means the Ability to identify and manage your own Emotions and the Emotions of others. Basically, it includes three skills

1. Emotional Awareness

2. Ability to harness emotions to apply them to tasks like Critical & Strategic Thinking and Problem Solving

3. The ability to manage Emotions of your own & other people.

EI provides us very Powerful Tools for Coaching, which can be used stand-alone or in conjunction with NLP.


The Best Pre-Training Material

It is possible for Indian Board of Hypnosis & Neuro-Linguistic Programming (IBHNLP) to provide NLP Master's Training + NLP Master Trainer's Training together only in 07 days because participants go through intensive 2 Months' Pre-Training Program. Basic understanding of NLP Master & NLP Master Trainer will be developed in this Pre-Training Program. This will help us to focus on teaching only very core elements in Actual In-House Seminar. By this, we can save Your Time and Your Investment.


Free Post Training Support

After the Successful Completion of In-house Training of NLP Master & NLP Trainer for 07 Days, you are supposed to do some activities on the Daily basis for next Two Months. Also to be the Best Trainer in the field of Neuro-Linguistic Programming required support will be provided by Indian Board of Hypnosis & Neuro-Linguistic Programming (IBHNLP).


Magic Mind Line Training (Bonus)

These are some Advanced Mind Programming Patterns, which are very useful for building your Charisma as an NLP Trainer. Mastery over these patterns will really make you one of the Influential NLP Master and NLP Trainer.


Modelling World’s Greatest NLP Trainers (Bonus)

As you know that there are various NLP Masters all over the world, who have influenced the Field of NLP. These Masters are having their own Philosophy and change patterns. Here, you are going to learn and model these world’s Greatest NLP Masters & Trainers.


Training in Digital Marketing & Branding (Bonus)

  • Basics of Online Branding
  • Understanding Online Business Fundamentals
  • Strategically Promoting Yourself on Online Platforms
  • Effective Use of Social Media for Your Promotion

Syllabus For NLP Master & NLP Trainer

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