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NLP Training Syllabus

NLP Master & NLP Master Trainer


NLP Master & NLP Master Trainer


NLP Master Syllabus:

  •  Success Modelling

  •  Modelling World’s Greatest NLP Trainers & their Change Philosophy

  •  The magic of Mind Lines – Advanced Reframing

  •  NLP Self-Concept

  •  Personality Profiling – NLP Meta-Programs

  •  Current Developments in NLP

  •  Psychology of Meta-States – Self Actualization & NLP

  •  Advanced NLP Patterns

  •  Dealing with Inner Conflict – Confusion to Clarity

  •  Core Change Work with NLP

  •  Behaviours & Decisions Drivers

  •  Designing your Own Patterns & Techniques

  •  Step-By-Step Process: How Others Achieve Mastery with NLP


Bonus: Taught Only At Indian Board of Hypnosis & Neuro-Linguistic Programming


  • Emotional Intelligence Coaching

  • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

  • Games of Frames

  • Introduction to Integral Psychology

  • Virginia Satire’s Approach towards Communication


NLP Master Trainer Syllabus:

As an NLP Master Trainer, you will develop skills and learn:


  • Go into ‘Trainer’s State’ (Mindset) & Transform Your Stage Presence

  • Adopt ‘Beliefs’ of world’s greatest Trainers & Public Speakers

  • Build a Rapport with the group and become ‘Friendly Commander’

  • Modelling enchanting style of geniuses of training

  • Develop your own unique style of public speaking

  • Be energetic throughout your training seminars (whether it is one day, 5 days, 10 days or 21 days)

  • Develop your sensory acuity (senses) to locate minute happening while training

  • Speak the magical language that will spellbind your audience

  • Be the master of non-verbal communication (speak without saying anything)

  • Deliver embedded (hidden) commands to your audience that they are bound to follow

  • Change ‘states’ (emotions) of your audience at your will.


Bonus: Apart from this to build your training skills, you will learn:


  • The Secrets of Good Delivery

  • Exploring & Developing Your Own Delivery Style

  • Preparing Attractive PowerPoint Presentation (When to Use and When Not to Use PPT)

  • Designing Powerful Questionnaire to Check ‘Entry Behaviour’ of Audience.

  • Becoming Enchanting Story Teller

  • Leading Enchanting Group Discussion

  • Creating Thought-Provoking Case Studies

  • Hold Mesmerizing Training Session & Get Expert’s Feedback

  • Presenting with Eye-catching PPT

  • Developing Your Own Ways to Know Your Audience

  • Audience Engagement Strategies

  • 15 Management Concepts & Tools that Every Trainer must know

  • Innovate your Own Games & Activities

  • Adopting a Creative Mindset for Designing Exercises

  • Leading Actual Group Discussion Session

  • Action Learning and Presenting Case Study

  • Management Tools Presentation

  • Encouraging Action Strategies

  • Peak Performance Coaching

  • Holding Games and activities Designed by You

  • Actual Coaching Session – Coach Your Client with PPC

  • Preparing for Final Training Session

  • Presenting Training Session Using all Tools Learned

  • Revising All Concept Learned

  • Programme your Brain to be a World Class Trainer 


BONUS: In addition to the above-mentioned points, here in IBHNLP, we’ll teach Individual Brand Building Strategies to become an NLP Coach and NLP Trainer.


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