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Isn't your will to change your life is very superficial?

A boy, who was very ordinary in his childhood, not much clever in studies, had failed in the school once, somehow completed his education in Law, tried to become a Lawyer to his best, but failed to his disappointment.

He had some connections in South Africa & people living in South Africa needed a Lawyer. There wasn’t much left in India for him as well. So, he set out for South Africa. Once, he boarded the train in Africa. As he was black, he was asked to get out of the train, but he was steadfast that I have the first class ticket, so I would sit only in First class. But Alas! He was thrown out of the train at the next station with his language.

Something changed at that moment. Life turned upside down. Commonality started the journey to extraordinariness.

Life moved in the totally new direction. And in the course of time, this common lawyer became ‘Mahatma Gandhi’. Something changed in him at that moment. But what? How? Life changed in seconds. But how?

The Decision of Changing Life Fundamentally Takes Place in Seconds & This Moment Announces the Golden Future.

A news, published in American Newspapers on 13 July 1978.

This news was so surprising that every person from the business was talking about that.

It was an earthquake for the company, for which that news was about. It was impossible to believe for those who were working there.  The news was Lee Iacocca was removed from the position of ‘CEO of Ford’, but why? Why was the most powerful & wealthy CEO was removed from his position? The same question was asked by Iacocca to Henry Ford, “Why are you removing me from Company?” The reply was “I don’t like you.”

Having heard those word, Lee got badly hurt. How can he believe that he was thrown out the company, which was nourished by him with his sweat & blood? How can the owner suddenly say, “I don’t like you!” The age of Iacocca was 58 at that time. He was passing through the bad patch of his life.

The most powerful person was sitting idle in his home. One by one, the days were passing full of despair. Total darkness has doomed to life. A year passed like that. An American company Chrysler Corporation was on the verge of bankruptcy.

Board of Directors of Chrysler Corporation met Iacocca & implored him to lead the company. This way Iacocca became the CEO of Chrysler Corporation. Within just two years, a miracle happened. Under Iacocca’s leadership, the company breaking all its previous records earned the profit of 2.1 billion dollars & suddenly Iacocca, who was living the abandoned life for a year, became an International Celebrity. Portfolio magazine published first 50 the most powerful & successful CEOs of America at that time. In it, Iacocca was awarded 18th position!

How did this happen? How did a year of dismay change into a future of glory? How did he create new & the golden future for himself? How did new energy flow in his blood in advancing years? How did he stand to fight back once again? Something must have been changed in him, but what was that? How? Definitely whatever happened, happened in seconds. But how?

The decision of changing life fundamentally takes place in seconds & this moment announces the Golden Future.

When I was a kid, a family used to live with us in the neighborhood. It was a nuclear family – Husband, wife & two kids.

Every evening, after coming back to home, the husband used to start a quarrel with the wife. It was the part of his daily routine & the quarrel used to end in beating his wife. Every day, with this or that reason he used to beat his wife after a quarrel. She used to cry, shout, wail, beg for mercy, but he used to beat her, till his anger is pacified.

She used to get hurt with bruises, sometimes with scars on her face, sometimes her head would bleed, sometimes hand would twist. All this continued for ten years. Then that family left that area & we never met again for so many years.

One day, I was in Pune. I had to visit a bank with some work. At the cash counter, I saw a woman. Her face was of some acquaintance. After some brainstorming, I remembered that she was the same lady of our neighbourhood. Conversation started. I asked her, “Do you work here?” “Yes,” she understood my intention & spoke further, “After leaving that old house within two years, I divorced him, appeared for Bank Exam & for last seven years, I have been working here as a clerk, my son is doing engineering & daughter is married & living in America.”

For ten years, she was tolerating the torture of her husband & what happened one day, that everything changed. Within seconds, the decision was taken to move ahead. Something definitely happened. But what was that? How? Whatever happened, happened in seconds. But how?

The decision of changing life fundamentally takes place in seconds & this moment announces the Golden Future.

Whenever change happens, happens within a moment. That moment creates our future. Life changes in a split second, but when does this split second come? How does it come in one’s life? Why does it come only in a particular person’s life? Where does it come from?

Whenever something changes in life, four things need to happen in our brain.

  1. First of all, we should have the clear-cut idea about whatever is to be changed. If we don’t know what is to be changed, then change won’t take place. Most of the time life is spent in sleep. Our negative habits & emotions become so habitual that we stop seeing the obvious fact that they are spoiling our life. That’s why a clear-cut idea of what is to be changed is necessary. For this, we need awareness at first. Most of the times, there is an illusion of change instead of real change. You would find many people saying, ‘something is missing in life,’ but can anything change with that? Not at all.

Do you have the clear & exact idea of what is to be changed in your life?

  1. Second thing, before changing anything in life, the mindset that ‘This has to be changed in any condition’ is necessary. Halfhearted efforts can’t change anything. Water evaporates only at 100º Celsius. Change happens only when we reach that point from where there is no other way except changing ourselves. When we feel in our heart, ‘Now, enough is enough,’ the change occurs.

Have you reached the point, where you are feeling ‘This has to be changed at any cost’?

  1. Third thing, we should have the attitude that whatever is to be changed, I would take responsibility for it. Whenever change doesn’t happen, there is no sense of responsibility. People don’t change because every time they throw the responsibility on others’ shoulders. They always give reasons for not changing. That’s why don’t give logic, take the responsibility for yourself.

Have you taken 100% responsibility for yourself?

  1. The last thing, there should be trust as: I can do, I can be, I can change, I can create. Many people get entangled in problems in such a way & for such a time that they gradually forget that I can this situation. They set themselves in harmony with those problems, pains, griefs. It should be very clear in our brain that I can change the situation.

Do you the faith in ‘I can change’?

I have given you three examples above, think about them a little. When these four things happened in the brain, the change took place within seconds. If I want to change my life or any area of my life, then I should ask whether these four things are happening in my brain?

I repeat again these four questions:

  1. Do you have the clear & exact idea of what is to be changed in your life?
  2. Have you reached the point, where you are feeling ‘This has to be changed at any cost’?
  3. Have you taken 100% responsibility for yourself?
  4. Do you the faith in ‘I can change’?

So let’s meet on the next Blog. Till then…….

‘Enjoy Your Life & Live with Passion!’

- Sandip Shirsat

(CEO & Founder of Indian Board of Hypnosis & Neuro Linguistic Programming)

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