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Mindset Mastery Program

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The New Psychology of Achievement, Happiness & Fulfillment!

“The mind is everything. What you think you become.”

Training Module which is specially designed for the Corporate Companies. To Train your employees in…

·Understanding and Directing Emotions

·Using ‘Power of Suggestions’ to Train Mind

·Building Success Driven Self Image

·Inculcating Goals into Subconscious Mind

Run Your Brain Master your Emotions

Intellectual understanding of what successful people do cannot change your life. In this session, you are going to learn how to establish complete control over your life. Successful people choose to form powerful positive behaviour. If you want to achieve a goal you must form specific behaviour and get rid of negative behaviours.


This is a unique and effective program. The learning tools are interactive and empowered with discussions, exercises and simulations. The focus is on developing an action plan that will help you grow. In the end, there will be a deeper level of understanding of emotions and how to Life Skills Coaching direct them for achievement.

The Process

All sessions are specially designed in a particular way to generate greater understanding of each topic. This program is very effective with real-life examples, discussions, exercises & simulations. The workbook will help to draw action plan and also to reach certain conclusions. Experiments involved in it will help to learn how to apply the particular technique in the day to day life.

1. Understanding 2. Activities 3. Workbook 4. Experiment

Sessions for Personal & Professional Development

1.   Run your brain – Understand how behaviour is formed, understanding and changing ‘state’ at will. Learn to use physiology in a better way.

2.   Power of Suggestion – Complete description of concept ‘Mind Model’. Use the power of suggestion to control and direct your subconscious mind.

3.   Self-image – Learn easy and really effective techniques to change your self-image, build your self-image the way you want it.

4.   Beliefs of the Genius – Identify and remove your weakening beliefs and inculcate new empowering beliefs.

5.   Make Your Dream Comes True – Define ‘What do you really want from life?’. Understand the power of ‘Values’ behind your ‘Goals’.

6.   Motivate Yourself to Take Massive Action – Learn to keep motivation in your figure tips. Importance of taking massive action.

7.   Instant confidence – Learn to feel and behave confidently in any situation.

8.   Signature strength – Have a better understanding of your true self.

9.   Health & Happiness – Learn to feel positive emotions frequently in your life. At the same time learn to be one with action.

10. Positive Perspective – This session will help you to be habitual to look positively. It will help you to develop critical thinking.

To book this programme for your Company, Firm or Association just Call Satish on +919834878870 or mail us at satish@ibhnlp.com

This is really a Drastically Performance Enhancer Transfotainment (Transformation Through Entertainment) Programme for Your Employees & Associates. Personally, Master Trainer & Public Speaker Sandip Shirsat guides us all through this programme.

To view photos of mindset mastery program, click here.

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