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Do you want to become an influential leader? NLP would help….

NLP Skills in Leadership Development

The LEADER is the DEALER of Hope. – Napoleon Bonaparte

NLP helps us to become an Influential Leader fundamentally. Till date, we are taught ‘What does an Influential Leader do?’ in the name of developing Leadership Skills. We are bombarded with the exceptional qualities or traits of a good leader. Most important thing is that all these qualities are very simple, for example, self-confidence, tenacity, endeavour, time- management, affection for his people etc. Just by reading all these qualities about a Leader, the one who really wishes to become an Influential Leader doesn’t get much substantial help. NLP teaches us those tools & techniques, through which as a Leader, we can create such a world, where people would feel the pride to join us.’

NLP helps us to create an attractive future. It gives us a process; through which we would take that attractive future to the subconscious layer so that an attractive future would become the substantial part of our life. NLP teaches us How to live with that mindset of a leader. 

NLP teaches us the Meta Model, in which we learn the art of categorizing people according to their nature & to establish the Channel of Communication with these people, which is very important for any leader. NLP helps us to develop our own personalized Leadership style.

For Developing Leadership, NLP teaches us very easily & influentially:

1.    To establish control over our own morale, our own emotions.

2.    To think about the system in parts & keeping the whole system in mind.

3.    To get mastery over communication, through which we can connect with ourselves & with others.

4.    To establish a deep connection with others, etc.

The definition of Leadership by NLP…..

Neuro – the Influential Leader knows how to control his brain. He runs his own brain.
Linguistic – He uses his language aptly to influence people. In the same way, he is skilful to convey his message with vigour.
Programming – He knows how to take action. He produces results in any given area.

NLP teaches us all this with the help of concrete tools, so that Leadership skill could be conditioned, would be imprinted on our mind. We would be able to take action in that direction, change our emotions & finally change our behaviour also as a result.

"A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way." - John C. Maxwell

I always tell the participants of ‘Leadership Development Through NLP Intensive Workshop’……

You have to just inculcate these four things & that’s it, you’d be able to establish yourself as a Leader in a true sense. Learning Leadership skills is really very easy. I won’t be amazed if you’d have already started feeling; how easy, how simple, how effortless & how pleasant & straight it is to learn Leadership Skill!

And the most important, there is no need to impose Leadership Skill on yourself, until there is no such inner urge in you. Once this feeling of learning Leadership skill arises, learning starts at the same moment. As you already know that each person has these inborn Leadership skills. We already have these traits, but we just forget them in the course of time or we don’t develop them consciously.

I would like to tell you that there is no need to learn Leadership skill with such an intensity, better would be to create that awareness within you, which would make learning Leadership skill so easy. Let me ask you a question: Have you ever set yourself free in a small or large group, through which your Leadership abilities would get a chance to come out? You already know, as you set yourself free from worry, which is the exact beginning of learning leadership skills in a true sense. Because every time our mind starts learning with full vigour & comfort, as you set it free.

Whenever your mind is relaxed, you start learning at the subconscious level. I want to tell you that learning leadership skill is not only easy but also has the inherent capacity to change your life. And I must also tell you that we don’t have any other option other than this. I want you to learn these Leadership skills as early as possible, through which you would master the Leadership skill.

And for that it is not at all necessary that you read tons of books, just look into yourself & you would know that you are a leader today itself, because you are at least directing your own life. Now the question is: how would we know that we’ve learned Leadership skills?

It’s very easy. Whenever you are in small or large groups, you would start feeling that inner gut feeling of leading the group with greater ease. Automatically all these leadership skills, which you’ve learned, would flow out & you would start feeling confident!

There are so many things to share! So let’s meet at the next Blog. Till then…….

‘Enjoy Your Life & Live with Passion!’


- Sandip Shirsat

(CEO & Founder of Indian Board of Hypnosis & Neuro Linguistic Programming)

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Sandip Shirsat NLP Blogger
Sandip Shirsat

Author is the Founder & CEO of Indian Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming

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