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How to Become a Hypnotist?

I suppose some people have that association, you know: men with goatee beards, black shirts buttoned up to the top, you know, all powerful but the modern view is that it gives you greater communication capabilities with somebody. And so, I would say more important than power to me is the feeling of euphoria I get when I help somebody make a change, particularly if it’s been one that’s really dramatically impaired their life.

In NLP, we learn Milton Model which is conversational hypnosis. In it, we learn how can we use hypnosis in our conversation. In its earliest stage, it was invented as Direct Hypnosis, but highly educated people had the problem with that. Being hypnotized was considered to be the sign of weak mind. To overcome that issue, Milton developed conversational hypnosis. Here you don’t have to make somebody lie in the chair & hypnotize him with great effort and bring desired change, with conversational hypnosis change happens with greater ease. The question here is that do you know how to use direct hypnosis before learning conversational hypnosis? In Asian continent, possibility is rare! That’s why we provide Free Training in Direct Hypnosis to our NLP practitioner participants also. It gives you the greater comfort in learning Conversational Hypnosis. This session would be conducted separately on the very first day of NLP practitioner course. After attending this half-day session you’d also get a Certification in Basics Hypnosis.

Getting a FREE Training in Direct Hypnosis would be the Basis requirement for being a Hypnotist. That would be the first step.

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