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Why Is It Important to Learn Direct Hypnosis Before Learning NLP?

Our present is the reflection of our past, most of the time. Things which had happened to us in the past are happening to us every day.

– Dev Elman

What do you think is the most ancient profession in the world? Think a little bit….

It is said in the Holy Bible, ‘Put Adam to deep sleep & remove some ribs of Him…’ But the question is: how to put him to deep sleep? It seems like hypnotism. In my opinion, the most ancient profession is ‘Hypnosis!’ The roots of hypnosis are visible in Greek & Roman cultures. There used to be Sleep Temples in those days. Those, who were ill, were put to sleep in temples. Then used to come to the priest of the temple, every corner was intentionally with smoke & then he used to start chanting mantras. A mystical environment was created through all this & those, who were ill, would land in the state of Hypnosis. After the Ceremony, the priest used to walk away. After some time these ill people would come out of that state of hypnosis & used to start feeling better. Even today, in India & in other countries also, there are so many people, who cure illnesses through this kind of ‘Grace of Lord’ & you would also find thousands of people, who would tell you, how their incurable disease was cured by the ‘Grace of Lord’. But how does this happen? The science of hypnosis gives an answer to this mystical process.

Hypnosis says….

Enhance the Imagination

Develop the Mental Expectancy

Then the Miracle Happens

The science behind hypnosis started developing in the 18th century. Among these harbingers, the first name comes of Franz Mesmer, who was a German physician. Until the end of 18th century, Mesmer was one of the experts, who had cured so many patients like this. He had an assembly hall, where he sat all patients. People in the assembly hall used to start talking about how Dr Mesmer had cured so many incurable diseases. With such an atmosphere, expectancy would deepen among the people that today they would be definitely cured. Their mental expectancy was heightened. Imagination regarding illness used to start densifying & then the suggestions were seeded. Assembly hall would sink into the darkness & then lights would flash on the stage. Mesmer would enter. Mesmer used to have a wand in his hand. He used to advance quietly, stand in front of that patient & as soon as he hit that stick on the shoulder of the patient, the patient would get hypnotized. Eyes closed, totally relaxed. After that second, and then the third, and very soon the whole assembly hall would get hypnotized. But how did this happen? Hypnosis says, ‘whatever mind expects, become a reality.’

After that came Dr James Braid, who was the Scottish physician. He used to be the student of Mesmer. After some research, he started experimenting with himself. He experimented with hypnosis on thousands of people. From here, the journey of hypnosis towards science began.

This journey took a new turn with Dev Elman. He was a radio host. His father was diagnosed with cancer. He used to suffer a lot of pain. He used to spend sleepless nights. His one of the friend was a hypnotist. He solved this pain issue within some moments. This magical power of hypnosis touched the heart of Elman & he started learning hypnosis. In 1949, Dev Elman prepared a hypnosis seminar series named ‘Medical Relaxation’, which was designed for doctors & dentists. He spread this seminar throughout America. Dev Elman design a specific process, which made teaching & learning hypnosis easy.

Dev Elman made it so easy that any layman could learn it & become a master in it. It was named as ‘Dev Elman Induction’ & making it a scientific process converted into a script. If you work a little bit on that Elman induction script, you would also be able to hypnotize anyone very easily. It has a few simple steps & it requires a few efforts from your side. That’s all, you would also become a hypnotist.

Now let’s talk a little bit about NLP & Dev Elman. The Hypnotic process of Elman falls into the direct hypnosis category, where the person knows that he/she is being hypnotized. In NLP, we don’t teach Dev Elman. I repeat we don’t teach direct hypnosis or Dev Elman Induction in NLP. We teach Ericksonian Hypnosis, which is indirect hypnosis, where the next person doesn’t know that you are using hypnosis. But if you really want to learn Ericksonian Hypnosis i.e. indirect hypnosis, you should at least know a little bit about Dev Elman Hypnosis i.e. direct hypnosis.

We teach Dev Elman Hypnosis i.e. Direct Hypnosis before teaching you Ericksonian Hypnosis, which is indirect hypnosis in our NLP Practitioner course. The most important thing, we teach Direct Hypnosis for FREE.

One of the Most Popular & Scientific Definitions of Hypnosis -

“Hypnosis is the by-pass of the Critical Factor of the Conscious Mind and the establishment of acceptable selective thinking.”

We would think about this definition of hypnosis in the next blog.

Till then…….

‘Enjoy Your Life & Live with Passion!’

- Sandip Shirsat

(CEO & Founder of Indian Board of Hypnosis & Neuro Linguistic Programming)

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Sandip Shirsat

Author is the Founder & CEO of Indian Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming

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