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Free Hypnosis Training in India

In NLP, as an NLP Practitioner, you learn Milton Model which is also called ‘Conversational Hypnosis’. In ‘Conversational Hypnosis’ through the use of Hypnosis in conversation problems are healed. The journey of Hypnosis began with Direct Hypnosis, but highly Educated people had the problem with that, it is also very much condemned term. Earlier, being hypnotised was considered to be the sign of weak mind. To overcome that issue, Milton developed Conversational Hypnosis. Here you don’t have to make somebody lie in the chair & hypnotize him with great effort and bring Desired Change. With Conversational Hypnosis, change happens with greater ease. But to understand Conversational Hypnosis or Milton model it is important to know ‘Direct Hypnosis’. It gives you the Greater comfort in learning Conversational Hypnosis. That’s why IBHNLP provides Free Training in Direct Hypnosis in NLP Practitioner Seminar. This session would be conducted separately on the very First Day of the Course. After attending this Half Day Session & successfully meeting the Basic Requirements of Training, you’d also get a Certification in Basics Hypnosis. Attendees have to give a Demo after the session, which will demonstrate their competence & understanding of Basics of Hypnosis.

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