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Vinita Kale

  • Professor at Guru Nanak College of Pharmacy, Nagpur
24 Vinita Kale

To be honest, I took some time to decide which NLP coaching course I should join as I wanted it more in Hindi. Finally, I decided to join and have trust in IBHNLP under Sandip Shirsat as coach. On the first day of the session itself, I realized IBHNLP purpose of NLP- is to raise human potential. Sandip Shirsat is passionate, has enormous clarity and a leader with high ethical values. My purpose of joining this course very was clear-procrastination and motivation (confidence) I needed to amend my life and work and also to mobilize my action. I want to say I got more lot in IBHNLP. The course is more practical and extremely interesting. Thank u Sandip for being the Awesome and capable trainer. You have given me NLP technique knowledge that is invaluable in my life and work and also a chance to share with others.

Thank You!

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