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Nadia Shaikh

  • Teacher, Motivational Speaker, NLP Practitioner

I was somewhat perplexed at first....  the methods by which the course was taught were unconventional. After a feeling of being "completely thrown" into new domain, I settled down in third session. The activities & brain storming was so intense, that really made me think about my brain processes. I wouldn’t have even imagined without attending this NLP Practitioner Course, that our Brain has such a tremendous capacity. It was an eye-opening program for me & for my batchmates also.

            The way Master Trainer Sandip Sir teaches is really amazing. He has the knack to read our mind. I don’t know how does he do that, but that’s a real talent. He guided us step by step dissolving all my personal issues. I’m really thankful to him & his team.

As the days unfolded it became clearer and I could see that I was accessing a part of my brain, which perhaps would have lain dormant if I hadn’t decided to attend the course.   I have been downloading and accessing the information as and when needed, since completing the course.

            I think it’s brilliant and I feel a lot different.  I’m looking at life a lot differently since I’ve done it.  And I also got over one of my biggest, I wouldn’t call it a phobia, I would call it a horror phobia, I had of height.

            Indian Board of Hypnosis & Neuro Linguistic Programming is the most trusted institute for NLP & hypnosis trainings in Mumbai, so If you ask me my opinion, I’d say, “Just enroll yourself today & experience the world class training here in India.”

            I think that people should do it, without even thinking about it.  Just come in and do it because it’s amazing. This course is so powerful, exciting and challenging.

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