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Komal Fegade

  • Freelance Trainer, Coach, Mentor & Workshop Leader working with children

This week was amazing! Really, it changed my life.

I was just saying to somebody, it’s got me really clear about who I am.  I’ve really grown in confidence and some of the things that I was worried about I’m putting to one side.  And that’s been really, really good.  So, I’m feeling in a really good place.  And this morning, as I was coming in on the train, I just found that I was just really beginning to, almost map out the things that I want to be putting in place. It could almost take care of the rest of my life - and that just felt really, really amazing.  

I feel very confident and, if I’m totally honest, that’s one of the reasons why I came here.  I felt I wasn’t as confident as I would like to be.  I mean, a number of things have happened and I feel very, very confident, and I just found that I was just getting into that state.  When I was just sitting on the train, or walking, it was almost as if I could feel my whole-body lifting.  And when I was sitting down, I just felt very calm.  I just felt very centered.

I’m really beginning to think about how I can use NLP in the work that I do.  I mostly work with young people and I think some of the techniques that I’m learning will move some of them on.  And, what I also have got from it, which is also really good, is that sometimes I know I do things and it works and I’ve not really thought “why did it work?”  Yeah?  And, even if I thought about “why did it work”, I'd ask, “what was it I did again?”  “How can I access that?”  Having gone through the week, I’m beginning to realize: “Aha!  So, that’s why that works.”  Right, now I’ve got a reference point of things that I can call upon on a more consistent basis and make it work, the majority of the time, as opposed to, every now and then and I get it almost by accident, I don’t know how I do it.  And that, for me, has been really amazing.

Something else this course has done is enable me to begin to put the steps in to build my plans for the future.  And, what’s also been very evident is how I’ve lived my life up to date. Before now, it’s almost a day by day process, yeah.  And so, even really thinking about the future, in a real, concrete way, is just amazing.  Because, it’s not something I’ve ever done, and if I do, it’s only a day or two or maybe next week.  I mean, I’ve got some colleagues and friends of mine that absolutely gets frustrated with me, because, I don’t do any long-term planning.  I don’t think about tomorrow or whatever.

Or I didn’t.  I didn’t before this week.  Whereas, now I’m really thinking about it and where I really want to be in the future, really starts with today.

If I were, to sum up this course in three words, I would see: "Eye-opener! Transformational! And Wow!"  

- Komal

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