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27 Anil Sutar

Anil Sutar

Hi, I'm working in the IT Industry since last 15 years. I was reading NLP books for a long time, but I was not getting that practical e ...

21 Shilpa Salve

Shilpa Salve

Hi, myself Silpa Salve. I'm from Pune. I'm a Psychology Lecturer at Pune University. I learnt NLP, Hypnosis & Life Coaching in ...

28 Priti Pereira

Priti Pereira

Overall NLP Practitioner program was very well organized. It was easy to understand and straight to the target!! I think it was an EUREKA moment at ...

24 Vinita Kale

Vinita Kale

To be honest, I took some time to decide which NLP coaching course I should join as I wanted it more in Hindi. Finally, I decided to join and have ...


Nadia Shaikh

I was somewhat perplexed at first....  the methods by which the course was taught were unconventional. After a feeling of being "complete ...

NLP Practitioner 2

Nikita Patil

Some say that NLP is about persuasion - and the heart of that is appreciating your own keys to motivation and action. Some ...

NLP Practitioner 1

Jon Fernandez

Hello myself Jon. The Certified NLP Practitioner has been very enlightening for me. Actually, I think it’s the unique course ...

nlp practitioner

Taalia Pathan

The NLP Practitioner Course has been really interesting.  It makes you think of things a different way, from how you thought ...


Komal Fegade

This week was amazing! Really, it changed my life. I was just saying to somebody, it’s got me really clear about who I am.  I&rs ...


Tushar Walekar

The Intensive Course conducted by IBHNLP team is really an appreciating initiative. Their engaging activities &am ...

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