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What is NLP? - The Definition of Neuro Linguistic Programming

What is NLP in detail NLP is the Way of living life to its fullest! NLP is a tremendously powerful way to get control of yourself & your emotions! NLP is the magic which can change your life inside out Instantaneously! NLP is the magic which will change your life drastically! NLP is the force by which you can run your brain & produce amazing results! NLP is the inner experience of ecstasy! NLP is the understanding of living life with ease!        Is that all? Sorry to say, but it is near about impossible to define NLP accurately. Every definition of NLP touches one or another aspect of NLP, not the whole of it. E.g. …. NLP is the most efficient & powerful medium of communication, both internal & external. NLP is the study of top performers, which is called modelling in NLP. Each & every definition tries to explain something, tries to show something. NLP consists of three major terms. N – Neuro – refers to functions related to the brain. How do we think? How do we perceive the world? L – Linguistic – How do we use language in our daily life & how does it affect our lives? ...

Awaken Your Potential Through NLP

nlp online certification When Human Spirit Takes Over….. Hellen Keller says, “No pessimist ever discovered the secret of the stars or sailed to an uncharted land ... Life is either a daring adventure or it is nothing. .....We could never learn to be brave and patient if there were only joy in the world.” One thing is pretty much clear about the human spirit that it is thirsty, curious, eager to discover something. It has a deep quest to understand something, to search for something, to conquer something. Sometimes this quest is foolish! Sometimes it is adamant and sometimes it is indomitable! Around here we don't look backwards for very long. We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things, because we're curious .....and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths. -Walt Disney Film Producer, Director, Animator, Entrepreneur As the story turns in the novel ‘In the Heart of the Sea’, a gigantic American whaling ship Essex sets out in the Pacific Ocean. In those days, whale oil trade was a very lucrative business. The ship started its journey across the ocean as usual. But then things started changing. The weather started getting worse & worse to the ship-men's disappointment. The storm started jolting the ship. Crew members were trying their best to save the ship. That day was like the doomsday for that whaleship. Waves started w ...

A Brief History of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)

A Brief History of NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming A short History of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) If you want to do NLP Practitioner or NLP Masters in India, then you must know the brief history of NLP. Those who are willing to do NLP Practitioner Certification Training must go through this information beforehand. That would deepen their understanding about NLP. NLP has a long history of 40-45 years. There are now thousands of NLP Training Organizations worldwide and hundreds & thousands of NLP Practitioners and Coaches. It has come to stay! NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistics Programming. Neuro-Linguistics programming is the Systematic Study of Human Conditioning, Human Communication & Human Performance. The structure of the Subjective Experience can be modified, improved upon and removed. NLP makes the Structure in your Brain and sets a path for growth, and change at a deeper level, much quicker than originally believed, was possible. NLP studies the Structural Patterns underneath the Human Behavior. The original goal of Neuro-Linguistic Programming was therapeutic, but then these skills have also been adapted for use outside Psychotherapy for Personal Change, Interpersonal Comm ...

Changing Bad Habits and Addictions through NLP

Benifits of NLP If you are thinking beyond Personality Development Fundas or if you are searching something more concrete to get rid of your Bad Habits or if you are searching for some Permanent Solution for your Long-Time Addiction, then NLP will help you to bring the Concrete & long-lasting desired change in your behaviour. NLP will teach you the success mantras with Concrete Tools & Techniques. All this you can learn at the Indian Board of Hypnosis & Neuro-Linguistic Programming. As an NLP Practitioner, you become a master to control Your Brain Processes. when somebody has a bad habit, there is a First Step in getting rid of it. Take something simple like cigarettes.  All of those who smoked at one point in time in their life, finally say, “enough is enough! Now I want to quit cigar.” They also know very well that it's just bad for and they should stop. Once, I even had met with a doctor who could openly tell you that you could smoke until you're forty with no bad effects.  However, I personally know people, who have gotten lung cancer in their thirties. It's amazing when people have bad habits, they all seem to engage in what we refer to as the Fudge Facto'. That is where our mind finds a way of getting out of what we know we really ought to do.  Certainly, there are teenagers that smoke and may not even think ...

Confidence Through NLP

Personality Development through NLP Confidence Through NLP NLP is magic in Human communication domain & you can learn this NLP magic & be NLP magician by doing NLP Practitioner at IBHNLP (Indian Board of Hypnosis & Neuro Linguistic Programming), the Reputed Institute in India & Asian Sub-Continent. NLP teaches many concrete skills through which we can unlock our true potential. Many attendees, who come to attend the NLP Practitioner Course, ask me, “Sir, I don’t feel confident in front of a large audience. Even after preparation, I’m not confident in front of the boss, & the list goes on. Well, my response to them is ‘the best way to be more confident is to be more competent at what you do.’ I realize there are many people that think you just need to visualize yourself being confident and step inside it, but then you’ll just be a pompous ass, and that really isn’t a good idea.  You have to stop worrying about your mistakes and look at what you actually accomplish successfully, to become more confident. If you spell three out of five words correctly and you look at the 2 you feel incompetent, but if you go “I got these three perfect!” you feel little confident than earlier. The trick is to increase what you are doing well and ignore the rest. That’s how people become more confident. You must know what a confident person is doing inside his brain.   One has to stop pla ...

Financial Freedom Through NLP

Financial Mastery Through NLP Financial Freedom Through NLP Do you work for money or Does money work for you? This is the fundamental question I ask the participants of 3 Days ‘Financial Mastery Through NLP Program’, after the much hustling & popping up of the ready-made answer, the real session starts. Right from Childhood, many of us are raised in families where financial freedom is only a dream. But in my opinion, Financial Freedom comes from the mentality of Abundance. There is enough of everything for everyone to live happily. In our NLP Programmes in India, we explain this theory in detail. Those, who want to do their NLP practitioner course in Delhi, Pune, Mumbai, Ahmedabad will get Free Training in Direct Hypnosis if they do their NLP Practitioner in Indian Board of Hypnosis & Neuro-Linguistic Programming. (To Read more, click here.) Having money is not only about the material stuff in the world, but it's also about a state of mind. The language about money is a funny old mix.  We talk about "hard cash", a "solid investment" and "stretching your money" as if it is a physical thing that is as real as the nose on your face. But at the same time, we also use phrases ...

Get rid of Addiction Through NLP

Use of NLP Get rid of Addiction through NLP NLP Tools & Techniques, that are called NLP Patterns in NLP Language will enable anyone literally to run his brain & manage his state. These NLP patterns are taught at Indian Board of Hypnosis & Neuro-Linguistic Programming in their NLP Practitioner Course in a very simple & effective way. Getting rid of any addiction or phobia, now just take few seconds. What normally used to take months, now with NLP, the same thing has become very easy. When I first began helping people to quit their addiction to drinking alcohol, I was particularly interested in why it was that some people were continually trying to quit (and failing), while others didn't even seem to think about it at all - one day they just quit completely and never touched the bottle again. What was the difference that made the difference? It turned out that they had all experienced a series of moments of emotional intensity in a very short space of time. After all, most hard-core drunkards think "I really ought to give up" from time to time. Often, it's just a thought without much emotional intensity behind it. Even when there is some emotional intensity, say in the wake of hearing about someone diagnosed with kidney fa ...

Happiness Through NLP

Benefits of NLP Most of the people think that happy is an adverb.  One happily goes to the store, one happily discusses things with their wife, one happily looks at their children’s progress in life...   Happiness is more of a state of consciousness.  People who look happy seem to have some characteristics.  Why do people want to become happy? The answer is very simple. You live longer, you heal from injury faster, you get over operations and heal more thoroughly, you live healthily, your relationships are better, the list goes on and on. Even Medicinal Science is now searching for the relation between longevity & Happiness and even at how a happier person finds it easier to quit smoking and lose weight. In short, everyone at least knows the benefits of being happy. In Ayurveda also Happiness is stated as an important factor to gain Good Health & Prosperity. It is said, “धर्मार्थकाममोक्षाणाम् आरोग्यं मूलमुत्तमम् |” means “Good Health is the Root of Religious Behaviour, Wealth, Material Wishes & Salvation.” Now, the procedures that you need to do in order to become a happier person. It’s one thing to say you want to be happy and that you want to lose weight. It’s another to say "I’m going go to the gym for three months", so that tomorrow when you’ve gone once you can go 89 the next time, 88 and ...

How To Be Determined

How To Be Determined How to Be Determined? Indian Board of Hypnosis & Neuro Linguistic Programming regularly arranges various NLP Training in India like NLP Practitioner, NLP Master, NLP Master Trainer etc. In NLP Seminars, one of the famous questions, I come across is: How to be determined in the decided area? Or How to be firm while executing a decision? Well, most people are over-hesitaters, that’s the way I think about it.   When people come in and start talking to me, all I hear in my head is the phrase ‘needs work’ and in order to work it requires determination. You have to know what determination feels like, you have to amplify it if you have a little picture of what you’re determined or you need to have a big picture of what you’re determined about. Every one of us wants to achieve something to some extent, determined is the one who has greater urge than the others. I don’t think it’s nearly as difficult as most people make it out to be.  In fact, I’ve got a decade of absolute proof that that’s the case.  Ev ...

How to keep yourself and others Motivated?

Motivation Through NLP Motivation Through NLP Indian Board of Hypnosis & Neuro Linguistic Programming regularly conducts various NLP courses like NLP Practitioner, NLP Master, NLP Master Trainer etc. throughout India. In NLP Seminars, the prominently asked question is: How to become & stay motivated? Or Can NLP help us to remain motivated? Or Does NLP give us some concrete tools to remain motivated in worst situation? Actually, there are so many questions hovering in the brain of those who attend NLP programs. My obvious answer is: That would depend on the person, I would think about the person and the situation.  I don’t want them to become more Motivated unless they have something to do.  Most people need a better, more precise plan in their mind to become more Motivated. They want to feel better.             I think what Psychologists call Emotions is cortical connections between all the hollow and solid organs in your intestines.  They go right up to the brain stem and connect with the rest of your brain. There’s an overlap between your visual and auditory cortices and al ...
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