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How to win over the pain through the help of NLP?

NLP Tools Techniques in English One Skill that will change Your Life…. Do you remember that day of your life, when you were suffering from severe pain? May that be physical or mental? One such a day when that pain was beyond your control? After all your efforts, it didn’t come to an end? One such day, when you have experienced the utter frustration? One such day, when you were utterly tired, utterly exhausted, utterly desperate about your life? What was happening in your brain at that moment? Which images were running inside your brain? What did you feel in your body? What kind of feeling was there in your body? What was happening with you? Which emotions were you experiencing? Can you give your excellent performance during these moments of utter pain? You would say, “Definitely not.”  But can you imagine a person who won a gold medal in Olympic, in spite of experiencing 100 times more pain than you? This athlete established new world records sitting in a wheelchair in her whole life. Marieke Vervoort is in her late 30s. she has already won a gold medal in 100-meter race & a silver medal in the 200-meter race in London Paralympic. Her agility is really worth watching when she runs in her wheelchair. Her self-confidence, her spirit, her energy, her winning attitude, differentiate her from others. She may have been confined to a wheelchair physically, but mentally she is very powerful. Her unconquering will keeps her ...

Do you really want to create a golden future with the Help of NLP?

NLP in English "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." - Eleanor Roosevelt  A Special Military Mission of NATO ‘Operation Downfall!' Its success was very crucial & important for the whole world. A Hollywood movie released in 2014 on this Operation Downfall named, ‘Edge of Tomorrow’, which became very popular. As the movie begins, all news channels are announcing that there is a catastrophe all over the world. An alien race has hit the Earth in an unrelenting assault, unbeatable by any military unit in the world. People are running leaving their house & all. There is chaos everywhere. One by one city is being destroyed. People are being killed. The whole world is in danger as usual shown in Hollywood movies frequently. To defend these Aliens, NATO has formed a force of Commandoes. Initially, they are getting success. At some places, Aliens are being defeated.  And here enters Major Cage, who doesn’t have any experience of warfare. He fears combat & he knows very well that he is not a soldier at all. Still, he is unceremoniously sent to France for the combat. When he awakens, he finds himself on a military base, where he is forced to go on the battlefield. Gradually his fear dominates him. He starts finding excuses as he could run away from the battle. He tries in every way to run away from the battle, but couldn’t succeed. At last the only wa ...

Do you want to become an influential leader? NLP would help….

NLP Skills in Leadership Development The LEADER is the DEALER of Hope. – Napoleon Bonaparte NLP helps us to become an Influential Leader fundamentally. Till date, we are taught ‘What does an Influential Leader do?’ in the name of developing Leadership Skills. We are bombarded with the exceptional qualities or traits of a good leader. Most important thing is that all these qualities are very simple, for example, self-confidence, tenacity, endeavour, time- management, affection for his people etc. Just by reading all these qualities about a Leader, the one who really wishes to become an Influential Leader doesn’t get much substantial help. NLP teaches us those tools & techniques, through which as a Leader, we can create such a world, where people would feel the pride to join us.’ NLP helps us to create an attractive future. It gives us a process; through which we would take that attractive future to the subconscious layer so that an attractive future would become the substantial part of our life. NLP teaches us How to live with that mindset of a leader.  NLP teaches us the Meta Model, in which we learn the art of categorizing people according to their nature & to establish the Channel of Communication with these people, which is very important for any leader. NLP helps us to develop our own personalized Leadership style. For Developing L ...

Get rid of Negative Emotions & Become the Master of Your own Fate through NLP

NLP Practitioner certification in India A vicious circle starts in life, we get stuck, we get tired, gradually start crumbling & finally we accept the defeat. But how does this all happen? What is that which is holding us back? One fine evening, I had gone for strolling. Days were rainy. The rain had stopped just a little while ago. The sun was setting in the west. Birds were returning to the nest. Wind as if, had stopped. A brooklet was flowing down the hill. There was deep silence around. While watching that brooklet lines from a Hindi song struck my mind. Lines were …  “ओ दरिया मुझे नहीं जाना उस पार, आया रांझा मेरा, आया रांझा मेरा, “ओ दरिया जरा रोकन दो मंझधार आया रांझा मेरा, आया रांझा मेरा ” The somewhat meaning of it is: I’m watching a dream since ages. Since I become conscious, I had only one thing in my mind & that was to go on the other shore of the ocean as early as possible. I’ve heard a lot about the world beyond these shores. Many interesting stories are being told of that shore. The world on the other shore is quite different than this one. It is more prosperous, more quiet, more happy, more joyous. There is no rush like here. There is neither despair nor disappointmen ...

The Five Most Fundamental & Important Questions for Life Transformation

Life Coach India The Five Most Fundamental & Important Questions for Life Transformation Some questions were hovering my head for some days. Whenever I think about the violence in Kashmir, these questions hover over my mind. Why are we Indians always full of anger towards Pakistanis? Why are Pakistanis full of hatred towards Indians? Why is nothing Ok with these two countries? In Cricket also, ‘If you lose the World Cup, that’s fine, but don’t lose the match with Pakistan.’ Why beating Pakistan becomes more important than to win World Cup? Whenever I think about these questions, some answers pop up in my brain, as ‘Pakistanis are our enemies, they’ve only one dream, they want to win over India, so before they attack us, we should defeat them.’ Whenever I think about these answers, I think these are not only the answers, but these are my beliefs, these are my convictions, they have become my deep faith. But what are these Beliefs mean? You must be aware that our Beliefs directly give orders to our brain. Our Beliefs control our behavior. Our Beliefs means our firm faith. Our Beliefs means absolute truth for us. Our Beliefs means our thoughts or a structure of thoughts, on which we never raise a question. Our Beliefs means a kind of thoughts which we could be never changed. Our Beliefs run our life. It is such a foundation; on which we raise the structure of our thoughts. Most of t ...

How to remove the Fear of Public Speaking through NLP?

Remove the Fear of Public Speaking through NLP The story goes like this: There was a witty a person in the kingdom of a certain king. He was famous for getting a solution to any problem within a moment. There were so many people around the king who were very jealous of that person. So, somehow they convinced the king to test his real wit in an adverse situation. They brought a hungry lion in the cage. All the people of near-by cities also came to see the trail. The whole cross-road where that cage was kept was full of crowd. People were cheering and shouting. Everyone was very eager to see what will happen now? That person was brought there in the shackles. He was thrown in front of that hungry lion & the doors of that cage were locked from outside. As soon as he fell into the cage. He jumped over the lion before lion could do anything, whispered something in its ears and stood by its side. Lion moved away in a corner, sat silently without even roaring. There wasn't a single sound people heard from lion's mouth. The crowd was shocked to see whatever was going on. The king of the jungle, a ferocious beast like a lion, how could it be so silent? This witty person must have used magic over the lion. Five minutes, ten minutes. Nothing happened at last that person came out of the cage unscratched. Everybody was surprised. Everyone wanted to know what exactly happened there in the cage. At last, in the request of the king, that witty person said, "As s ...
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