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How to Develop Leadership Through NLP

Leadership Development Through NLP How to develop Leadership? In IBHNLP’s Leadership Conclave the frequently asked question is: Do Leaders speak differently from the rest of us?  and if they do, can we learn to speak like a ‘Leader’? Does this language have an accent? The big question I have always heard people ask is whether Leadership is learned or developed. Are Leaders born or made? The answer is “both.”  Some people because of their environment that they have been brought up and their parents, school etc. have developed the personality that creates Leaders.  Others have the yearning to become Leaders and therefore get into personally developing themselves and get there anyway. The difference is the time that it takes and how effective they are as Leaders. So, for this article the question I want to answer is do Leaders speak differently from the rest of us and if they do can one learn ‘Leader speak”? Before I answer that, you need to understand that we experience life through our five senses.  They then get converted into memory.  To do that we need to judge and give meaning to events, so we can know what they are and what they mean. When we do that, we store our version of the experience that has been filtered through our values and beliefs.  In other words, things that are high on value system we think are good and what is lower down we think is bad. All our thoughts and fe ...
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