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NLP Techniques in Family Feel the deep connection with Your Family through NLP Once I had been to our family friend’s house. After a while, their seven-year-old son returned from school. As he entered & threw his bag in a corner, he started crying. Everyone gathered around him & started asking him, “What had happened?” He replied sobbing, “Maths is very difficult for me. Everyone gets good marks in Maths except me.” His father replied on this, “What’s in it to cry for? Maths was difficult for me also. Actually, it is really a difficult subject for most of the people. Ok, now. Enough of this crying. I’ll meet to your Mam tomorrow.” Now think about this conversation a little bit. After some time, I started chatting with him. I asked him, “I couldn’t understand what were you saying while crying. Could you tell me again?” As he heard me urging him for repetition of a problem, he replied with unease, “Maths is very difficult for me.” I asked, “What is it that whole Maths or a part of it is difficult?” He started thinking. I again asked the same question. He replied with thoughtful gestures, “Actually I can do some sums quite well, but can’t understand some part of it.” “What do you mean by some part?  How many lessons are there in your Maths book?” I asked. “This year we have 11 lessons,” he replied after some calculation ...

8 Top Tips for You and Your Teens

NLP Courses India NLP A Transformative experience Here at IBHNLP (Indian Board of Hypnosis & Neuro-Linguistic Programming) under our Social Responsibility Policy, we arrange various 2 Days ‘Parenting through NLP’ Workshops for Parents & Teenagers. In those two days, we try to find the root causes of many problems. NLP helps in human communication domain. Through NLP, as a parent one can easily enter into the inner world of their children. He or she can understand their teenagers in a more precise way. As an NLP Practitioner, one learns to manage one’s own state as well as the states of those around him or her. Life with your teenagers or your parents can become a pleasurable experience or a painful one. Both parents & children have to make some small changes in order to establish good rapport & inner communion with each other. Then & then only family life can become heavenly life.  Life before having children & life after having them is never going to be the same. NLP gives you this paradigm shift thought. After completing NLP Practitioner Course, even parents start understanding the implications of their use of l ...
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